In the sea of faces, your eyes met mine. The natural thing for us to do is lower our eyes and look away before looking back up. And lives move on.

In the midst of shuffling and pushing there is always a pair of eyes that caught your attention.

Sometimes as we walk down the streets, we see so many faces but none was significant. It feels almost like getting yourself lost in the midst of this craziness. At the end of the day, all it matters was I am alone in this place.

Though alone I am never lonely. I somehow managed to find peace in the midst of the lonesomeness. Some people may detest it, but I welcome it. I like the fact that I am alone in this foreign place, a place where I can truly be myself. A place where I dun have to put up a facade and make conversations. In this place I can just enjoy every peace and quiet that I can find.

In this place, it is not about loneliness anymore. It is about filling the void in your heart. The void that only a special someone can fill.


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