Yak yak yak into the deafness of night

The time announced that it’s 10.45pm, the rain is pouring and pounding hard. I have been waiting for a good 15 minutes for the bus to come. It has nowhere to be seen and i am getting impatient.

She is yakking away and asking questions after questions which I do not feel like answering. It does not matter to me. It’s just some background noise that I wish I could tune out and shut down. Unfortunately I can’t.

I am amazed at how little self awareness people have. They have no inclinations at all that the questions are not welcome and the nonchalance and shrugs meant something.

Have I grown more impatient and lack the interpersonal skills?

It is odd to be sitting there answering questions like I am a high risk criminal that have the potential to blown up the entire town in a matter of second.

15 minutes later to my gratefulness, the bus came but the yak doesn’t stop. Now that I am on the bus, i can’t wait for the journey to end so that i can bid her goodbye and return to my hold up.


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