Am I being sensitive or is he being strange?

Beginning of this week, he wanta have two wives cos someone planted the thoughts into his head.

Then he has been talking strange all week talking about this. I am not sure if he is testing me out or he’s just pulling my leg. I can never be sure with him.

Anyhow, then we’re talking about going on a trip together, we talked about this 10 years ago. 10 years on nothing happened. So I am not hopeful! Then he asked for cuddle and I tried process with him my opinion about his and he said things like we need to enjoy happiness while it lasts. Just enjoy the moment! While writing this, I can’t even write this properly. My thoughts are the reflection of his confusion.

Firstly, he said this. Then he said he kiss is more intimate than sex. Then went back to discussing about how cuddle is more intimate than kiss and he agrees. So if you agreed that cuddle is an intimate act, then how can you asked me for it knowing that I am neither the gf nor wife! Gah this getting my brain all entangled!

Then, he said he is not proceeding with his plan about getting two wives because he still waits for my approval. Then if he is not gonna do it, why does it matter? It doesn’t make sense at all.

Either he’s drunk or I am going bonkers!


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