Why is it so hard to express how you feel? To be true to your feelings and to just be free and say it all out. Why the need to deny and suppress your feelings?

It can be so easy why make it hard?

It can be so straightforward why make it complicated?

Everyone of us bring along baggage from our past lives. A baggage that we hope no one uncover and was stow away safely into the corner of our lives, we, however forget that these very baggages are like a ticking time bomb eating at us. Because of these time bombs, we became our own monster. We can’t love. We can’t trust because these monsters will remind us of our past defeats and how unworthy or bad we were. But is this true?

Are we going to allow ourselves to be handicapped by these failures? Never to love never to feel happiness again?

Happiness is so easily attain contrary to mainstream believe that you need to be someone to love. All we need to do is to love the person like we want ourselves to be loved. To get ride of the selfishness but to focus on how we can best love the people that mattered to us.

No denying that there were experiences that we went through life that left us scarred but that does not mean our time is up and that we are gonna live like this for the rest of our lives.

Someday we will find that someone. All of us meant to be with someone that is designed by the higher power just for us. We just need to settle and decide in our hearts that we want to love and be loved.

Till we have the guts to love, we will never find love.


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