When You Believe

Recently, I had an interesting conversation my cousin. He believes that religion is a personal choice and when you there’s God, there it will be. This prompted me to think deeper. If everyone believes that the God that they are worshiping is true then how are we, Christians going to get them saved and bring them to see that there is only God and that is Jesus and He is Alpha and Omega, the Perfector of Faith. I struggled with this statement, and from this little conversation, it prompted me to go on a journey of searching and seeking.

During one of my sessions with my client, K, he shared with me his faith and his experience with his god. His encounter is as real as anyone else. And, he, like my cousin, believes that it is real and happening, then how am I going to say that it is not. 

I really struggle with this. And, began to think if I am brainwashed and how am I going to explain my own encounter with this God that is so real and has been a big part of my life. I still could not find an answer to this, and I have been reflecting and observing the people around me. Christians are said to be feisty because of our aggressiveness in to save the world. As a result of that, many people are turned away and shun Christians because we are too consumed in getting people save and maybe appear arrogant at some juncture in life because we are too quick to discount the existence of other gods. 

Is this what we are doing right?

Is it true there’s no other gods other than Jesus?

I am seeking the answer to this. Though deep down I know Jesus is the one and only. 

By stating this, am I swayed from my faith?

Christians are also appear to be inclusive that is they tend to mingle amongst their own and little regards is given to people out of their circle. How are we going to save these people when we don’t make the effort to reach out to them? 

Perhaps Christians should be more open to the non believers and continue to establish the relationship with these people with their genuine need for friendship and not keep these friends just so we can have people to invite when there’s event coming up. If that’s the case, what’s the difference between us and the sales persons out there that are trying to garner sales?

Perhaps Christians need to change their mindsets about their religion…it’s not the traditions that are upholding but rather it is the tradition and will of God that we are holding fast to.

We are only human, fallible and are subject to mistakes like everyone else. I wish people will not look at Christians with unrealistic standards.

I hope people will come to see Christians as everyone else and I hope Christians can live up to the commissions that God has sanction upon our lives.  


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