Week 1

I am at peace with my decision and for some weird reasons that I cannot pin point, time seems to fly by really quickly. Though I am still feeling blue over the long break that I just had in April, I am still wondering if the Grinch had stole my time. Everyday went by in a whoosh and I hardly had anytime to savour each and every moment and to make sure it really last while it can.

Week 1 has gone by uneventfully. I am still feeling my way around, however, I am at peace with this and I like the fact that there is no honeymoon here. Honeymoon is in the job, meaning you are given things to do but at the same time, you are given the liberty to  experiment with your work. In a sense, autonomy is given to us to decide how we want to achieve the final outcome. 

I like the corner that I was seated, it’s secluded and hidden from the public’s eyes. I could steal 40 winks without being found out or I could indulge in other things as a form of break from the hard toil. [excuses I know].

This place reminds me of previous previous workplace. I must say I miss that place a lot. It feels like I am having difficulty finding a place where I belong since I left. I am proud of my work there and I will at all course inform and share with people that I meet the good things that we are doing. My affiliation is very much in that. I have not felt anything about any organisation. Perhaps this is a place where I made valuable friendship and also a place where I realised my dream. 

Let’s not digress and go back to my workstation. I was blessed with nice view from my work desk. I could look out the window and enjoy the sun ray on my hands while I work. The aircon could be on the freezing side and I am feeling numbness in the hands and legs from the chilled air. Age is catching up pretty fast.

I am looking forward to work these days knowing that I can go home early and I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck. I am also thankful for a good boss. After the last experience I had in the last 6 months, this is welcoming. 

I am not sure how long I will be staying here, but it looks like I will be here for awhile until I get my visa. For now, the pay is good and the environment is good, therefore no push factor for me to scramble out the door and take up the next job that comes my way. So, there you go, I am keeping my fingers crossed and so should you! 😀


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