For A Gen Y You are Quite Gen X

A conversation that I had with K a while ago prompted me to blog about it because I think it is very interesting conversation we had, though a lil heated because we couldn’t see each other’s point but overall it is still mind blowing.

We were talking about our aspirations in life and naturally we went on to share with each other what our aspirations is/are at this juncture of life or in the future. We hadn’t seen each other since college and how could I forgot how masochistic he could be. I thought people changed but I guess leopard just don’t change their spots, or do they?

Anyhow, so when I shared of my aspiration to travel the world and to migrate and to do things that’s close to my heart and not be tight down in the dead-end job but contribute more in other capacity as we grow in experience and age. So, apparently my dreams were doused with a bucket full of ice water. 

He very quickly went into nagging me about filial piety and how I should settle down and procreate and that I should be grounded and forget about all these unrealistic and uncommon dreams and through the entire conversation we had, he repeatedly mentioned that certain dreams are only meant and could only be attained by a certain social class. 

This sets me to think about the verse “Nothing is impossible through Him who strengths me”. Immediately, I was quite glad that I have found Jesus and that through Him I could do all things [note: sins not included people], all things referring to anything and everything that is/are according to his will after much prayer and seeking. I am quite petrified and confused at the same time because I couldn’t quite decide which feeling is more appropriate. All I know is that there’s no limits to what we can do as long as we put our mind into it. So, to tell me to lay my dreams to die is as good as taking away my child and assassinate it. 

I was disappointed because I find it so hard to use this opportunity to share with him that whoever that has been set free is free indeed and therefore, we should quit living our lives like as if we are still living in the days of bondage and slavery. We should live life to the fullest knowing that God has created this for us to enjoy and that we should not be passive and live life in mediocrity. 

He never intended for us to live life this way, if so, He would say so, He doesn’t need to go through the hassle of dying on the cross so that all of us could be set free. Liberated and we are no longer under any authority except His’s. 

In a way, it saddens me because this friend will go through life cruising and worrying about tomorrow and dreams will always be dreams, it will never come to pass because life’s circumstances and situations wouldn’t permit it to happen. 

At the same time, the fleshly side of me finds it puzzling for a PhD candidate to be having this mentality and I felt like as if I am talking to a 70-year-old granpa when he’s merely a year older. I am also wondering is it education system, life’s experiences and exposure that makes him the way he is today. 

I wonder how many more of Ks in the world walking around the world aimless, zombified and cruising through life simply because they believe this is what life handed them and therefore they can’t do anything to change their circumstances or feeling stuck in the rut. 

There are many people in the world that Jesus and to hear this truth, truth that will set people free. Truth that will make you sore like eagles and sore on high plains together with Jesus. It’s not about the amount of incense paper that burnt, the lavish funerals that you’ve done for your loved one who has passed or the offering food that put on the table, it is about Jesus. That in Jesus all these are not important anymore, Jesus doesn’t need all this. With Jesus, we are free from all this. 

All we have to do is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and believe in our hearts that He is the Lord that reigns. That’s it and off we go to heaven. We don’t have to work like mad to get to heaven, we just need to repent and call upon His name and salvation is ours. Salvation is free. 

This leaves me with food for thought for awhile. 


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