If you have stayed in Singapore long enough, you might have already heard one of these. 

Seriously, as a first world nation, I find these antics hilarious and a cause for disgrace. Okay, you may think that I am too serious and lack fun, but really, you consider fun? Hmmmm that must be one sickening fun there you are having.

These campaigns went on for awhile and it used to torture me everyday on my to/fro work. I wonder if people have lost basic civic mindedness that they actually need government to spend so much money to just educate these people about moving in, be in a queue waiting their turns, or simply say thank you after a service/favour has been rendered to you. 

What happen to basic manners?

Don’t people learn this in school these days?

I find this puzzling because I simply cannot understand how as a first world nation who prided itself to have the best science and maths brains around need to be reminded of the most basic things. 

It simply baffles me. 


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