Reminiscing the lost times

20 was the age when I first moved out of my parents’ house and stay on my own. That’s the age I went to college and learning to cope with all the freedom that the world threw at me.

I remember in college, we buncha girls always made an effort to people watch in between classes. And, from afar, a guy who’s not only tall but has nice body too caught D and my attention.

Knowing us, we were speculating what ethnicity is he. He doesn’t look like the typical westerner. So, for a few days / weeks / months we had been obsessively stalking him to find out out more about him. He was the cutest guy we saw.

That was 2001, and now 11 years on, we are still stalking him but in a more subtle manner. Recently D shown me his latest photo, boy, not only he got married, he has also piled on heaps of weight. He’s not the sunshine cute guy we used to adore. He’s overweight and looks sluggish.

Looking at his photo, I was in disbelief. Was he the same guy I used to like in college?

There are many people that cross paths with me in college and in some stages of lives, I used to think these people are quite a charmer. Not only are they blessed with good looks, but good brains too. 10 years down the road, they are not the good looker they once were and their careers didn’t quite take off too.

I always wonder what happened. It’s either I am über lucky or something must have gone wrong.

Looking through all the pictures, I asked myself again and again, what was I thinking when I put so much time and effort in stalking these people. They are not even worth my time. Boy, I guess I was not only naive, I had too much time on hand.

I must confess I am not really the studious type. I didn’t really study very hard. I appeared to be studying but half the time my brains and minds were somewhere else. If not because of God, I dunno what would become of me today.

Looking back, I have no regrets moving away from home.

That’s the beginning of my own path that I crafted for myself.


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