Korean Obsession

I don’t usually watch Korean Drama because I think the plots are predictable and the acting is stiff and they are really a bore. Boy, was i wrong. 

Since the last two weekends, i have been exiling myself away from the chaos of the world and watch, yes you guess it, korean drama. 

This would probably be my first korean drama since 2 years ago, the first being Shining Inheritance. the very reason why i watched Shining Inheritance in the first place was also because of Bae Soo Bin, my ideal man. He has a rugged look, small eyes with huge smile. his smile really melts hearts. if you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself.

so, as i was googling in the hope to look for another drama with him as the main cast, i chanced upon 49 Days. 

In this drama, he was playing a villain, albeit that, he’s one dashing villian. So charming and smooth. this drama evokes many emotions within me, sadness, happiness, grief and i can somehow identify with the feeling that it was portraying. 

besides this dashing oppa, another man that caught my attention was Jung Il Woo who plays the grim reaper. he’s the total opposite of this dashing villain. if you think Bae Soo Bin is manly. Jung Il Woo is so boyish. He has the typical princy look about him, fair, tall, well-kept appearance and the thing that caught my eyes was his charming smile. How can we not like man with charming smiles right?

after the conclusion of 49 days’ marathon, i continue on to Flower Boys Ramen Shop.

In this drama, he acted as the son of the one of the biggest conglomerate in Korea, Cha Chi Soo, he is rich and charming and he has everything that a man could ask for. he’s totally charming here. his acting is so convincing that i sometimes wonder if he’s in character or was he exuding his own personality. he owns the character, that’s how good he is. one thing that struck while watching this drama is that all the boys are really very tall. most are over the height of 180cm and though standing at 183cm, he became the shortest on set. go figure!

if you want to know what i mean by charming, look at the pictures below [note: pictures are taken from google image].

Sigh, how come my high school days weren’t this cool? 

My favourite shot of him. This shot brings out his charisma and charm yet mysterious. 

Lastly, another shot that i like.

If you haven’t watch it yet, you should go catch it. 

I should stop here before i have nose bleed. Till then, i can’t wait to watch other dramas with Jung Il Woo in it. 


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