future through the lens of the past

i have always been fascinated by history, how we could catch a glimpse into our future through the lens of the past. i could stay awake through out my history period, wide-eyed and never once bat my eyelids, i was so fascinated. i was so eager to know how things happened and why it happened. perhaps it has a lot to do with my curious nature. but, ain’t we all curious about something in our lives.

everywhere i go, i will read about the history of the place and want to try much to visit all the museums that i can find and be absorbed into the culture. it’s really one heck of a journey if you really know the place and history well before embarking on your journey. at least that’s what i usually do. 

from the capital city of bangkok, i made my way to the province of Kanchanaburi, or Wang Yai is what the locals called it before they officiate the name change to the current one,  which is approximately 256.5 km, a sleepy city to the west of bangkok and the journey took me 5 hours. 

why kanchanaburi you asked. it is in this place that the infamous WWII death railway was situated. 60 years on, it’s still an active railway track. trains from cambodia still passing through this little sleepy town everyday. in fact, when i was there, i saw a train making its way through the railway. 

nearby the track, there’s WWII museum, it was previously a torture chamber used to house the NZ, Australian troops when they were forced into building the tracks by the Japanese soldiers after the English lost their bid in saving south east asia. for some of you, this is one place that you will try to avoid, but for me, i want to understand and see with my own eyes how history unfolds through my very eyes. it’s one thing reading about it in the papers, and another when you see it with your own eyes. 

this is the replica of the exact situation during the war. and, that was the original track preserved for our viewing. 

a sick prisoner is locked up in a cell and left to die. no medicine could arrive in time and no medical professionals are there to nurse them back to health. 

a skinny looking captive who are severely malnourished and is counting his days on this earth. 

The fallen angels, faces that had defended the nation. 

this little excursion left a dent in my heart. it’s sombering and sobering at the same time to know that whatever we are enjoying now is the result of our forefathers fighting hard to preserve what is ours and fight for the independence of a nation. my generations and beyond have taken granted of what we are enjoying now. war is something that’s unheard where i am from. we always assumed that things that we see on tv will not happen to us, so why fret. never say never.

at the end of this trip, i can only express my gratitude towards these captives who have defended the nation with their lives. i seriously pray that they won’t be any more world war. we need more love so start loving and quit hating. 

time for good food. stay tune for the next installation. 


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