destination is not the end, it’s only the beginning.

do you believe in kindred spirit? 

have you ever met someone for the first time, you have not seen the person ever in your life, all the memories shared are the words exchanged in cyberspace on msn, emails and text messages. 

phone calls are far in between, all the intimacy of conversations are confined to a 13” computer screen for 12 years, somehow, when you meet this person for the first time, it feels like you have known this person forever. the memories, the jokes, the banters, the antics all came alive at that very moment. 

as i was waiting at the arrival hall, i was sure he’s gonna pick me, he would remember that i was arriving that day and at that specific time. and, hey there he was waiting for me. and, the image that i had of him in my mind concurred with the reality that’s before my very eyes. 

there were a few awkward silences because each of us don’t know what to say, to hug or not to hug.

in the midst of the awkwardness, there’s this sense of affiliation. a strange kind of feeling that we are both connected on so many levels that words couldn’t quite describe it succinctly. it is like you are meeting your twin for the first time. 12 long years..i don’t remember surviving a friendship that goes all the way, but, this is special. we grew up “together” and went through different ups and downs in our lives for that 12 years. all the secrets shared, all the heartbreaks that each went through and offer one another comfort and soothing. 

how this 12 years have transpired before my very eyes, that all these 12 years are not my hallucination, it’s actually real, someone whom i have had an intimate connection with was standing in front of me gleeful and nervous, mirroring my emotions. 

the world is so huge, populated with human of different race, gender, separated by mountains, oceans, continents, yet we somehow found one another, two individuals with distinct background but very similar. we are the version of each other, the things that we feared, the things we loved, the things that we disliked, it all clicked. we could be sharing the same space and enjoying each other’s company without having to make conversations, trying to impress each other, we could sit like that in silence for hours because we are so familiar with each other that words are not needed to express how we feel. 

the entire experience was surreal, it is as if i was not living a reality for that week, flying halfway across the world just to meet someone whom all i know is thinking of me but i have no face to place this person. i couldn’t quite remember how he looked like, i don’t even care. all i know is that i need to be there. the entire week of fairy tales, a place where i should feel foreign but it doesn’t feel foreign at all. it felt as if i have lived and breathed this space all my life. he doesn’t feel like a stranger at all. it feels like we were each other’s voice of conscience. each other’s guiding angel, watching over each other. 

yes, kindred spirit, you exist.


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