i was walking down the aisle filled from the floor to the ceiling with books, library, bookstores are my disneyland, i will be most entertained, amused and happiest when i was at these places.

so before flying out, i was browsing some books to buy for my journey, so as i was browsing, my eyes landed on this book with the infamous guy born without legs or limps on the cover and it says “unstoppable – putting faith into action”. i knew without a doubt that i need to get that book. 

the moment i flipped to its first page, i couldn’t take my eyes off the book and i kept reading it, as my eyes devoured each and every word on the page, my heart was racing, as if God is speaking to me. at the lowest and most doubtful walk of my life, God is speaking to me through this book. i dunno if this is an experience unique to me, but it has happened on numerous occasions where God spoke to me via unconventional means like the advert, while watching television, in the toilet, eating and you name it, i have experienced it. i am not complaining, i stand amaze at how God is so creative, how He uses the most trivial means to engage me.

this book left me humbled, humbled because i was reminded that God has not forgotten me, my prayers and my situations, that’s He is in control of everything. everything is in the palm of His hands. but, it unveils the condition of my heart, hardened and stubborn, lacks faith and unbelief. i know without a doubt that God promised healing, however, He didn’t promise when. He runs on a different schedules, and my understanding of time is different from His. all He promised was that things will be okay if i believe and hang on. instead of hanging on and holding on to the hope that whatever He professed and promised, He will do and will not hold back, i allowed doubt to creep in. i allowed my mind to be filled with doubtful thoughts, i allowed my minds to be the playground of satan, who sown seeds of doubt and hatred so that i will not enjoy God’s peace and promise effectively. 

reading this book, reminded me once again of God’s mighty power and character. 

if Nick can live a life so full of hope, joy and peace, so can i, we are worshipping a God that’s Almighty. 

i was ashamed that i allowed myself to be carried away and entertained the lies of the enemy. i repent Lord and re-commit myself to you once again. because i know You hold the future and the plan that You have for me is good. help today to put my faith into action, to claim the promise that You gave me and to not allow the enemy to thrive in my situation. only You are deserving of all glory and praise. Amen.


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