Hotel Review: Cinnamon Boutique Hotel Saigon

Being the asians that I am, I am particular about the hotel that I stayed at, cleanliness, location and price are the things that I always look for each time I travel. 

My first time in Saigon almost 8 months ago, I stayed at Cinnamon Boutique Hotel. It’s a nice, chic and contemporary hotel along Le Thi Rieng St (District 1). The moment I stepped  in, I already impressed. The first thing that caught my attention was the modern and contemporary decor. It uses all the warm lightings, pieces of furniture that scream chic without trying too hard.

The check in process took less than 10 mins and immediately after I was brought to my room, and the room is spacious with high ceiling and dark wood panel floor. Really nice and I like it immediately, it looks even better than it was in the pictures that I have seen before making my booking.

Anyhow, one thing that caught my eyes as I entered the room was the display of towels modelled in animal shapes. And, another thing is the word “Welcome” on the king size bed. 

Ain’t you impressed already?

That’s not all, the service is also very good. The hotel manager, Mr Sony is ever so cheerful , friendly and helpful. 

I would come back and stay here again in my next visit. I would recommend friends to stay here too. 


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