Lost In Transit

wow! i can’t remember when was the last time i was here. how things changed with times passed us by so quickly. i was in awe of the rapid development of this city, a city that i used to adore. a city that’s represent the ultimate malaysian hospitality, but being back recently, it doesn’t seem so. 

just like any other cities, it is trying hard to catch up and cashing in on urbanisation, doesn’t want to be left behind, not only is it moving at a superb pace, like a tornado coming and going at a speed of 415km/hr, not stopping to take a breather, slumber or even a swig of water. and, just like any other cities in the world, it’s becoming a cocoon of self-centredness and all things materialistic. every corner you turned, you bound to see swanky malls sprouting up carrying luxury branded items and everyone who passed these swanky places, clamoured at the window at the display of the ultimate luxury items. some could jolly well afford these items, some could take years to save or probably could never afford any of these.

travelling in this city on foot is challenging, transportations are not extensively connected and signages are confusing. you might already heard this before, in KL, never asked for directions otherwise you will be the next target for pickpockets, robbery or the like. it can be quite frustrating especially when you are met with dead ends and signages are not providing you with any comfort or clues as to where you should go next. 

i was trying to find a booth #21 at pudu sentral to get a ticket to KLIA, after walking round and round for 15 mins, i managed to locate the booth and i was happy for a mere 10 seconds and then realised that the counter was never opened and unmanned. after asking around for a bit, i finally called the number listed on the panel of the booth only to be told to head to booth #21, and when i told the person on the other end of the line that i was in fact is in front of the said booth, he then changed his tune and gave me a nonchalant answer, “ohh the person could be having lunch or going for a walk!” and then provided me an alternative to go to Mydin to purchase my ticket instead. and he specifically told me to look for a man in a yellow shirt. i dunno how you people function, but there’s tonnes of people on the street wearing yellow coloured shirt. out of curiosity i went, and to my horror, not only they are tonnes of men wearing yellow shirt, there’s again no sign of ticket purchasing activity at all. 

fortunately, i managed to locate the said man but only to be told that they don’t sell tickets in advance, i just need to be at the very spot that i was standing the day that i was supposed to depart. 

i thought i heard it wrongly, and asked him to repeat that very sentence to me again, and to my dismay, my hearings are perfectly fine. who in their right mind would take such risks.

perhaps this is a malaysian culture and this is how business transactions are conducted here, but i, for one, will not risk my departure date with this experiment. and, if you are thinking of commuting to KLIA via pudu sentral, i suggest that you take a train to KL Sentral and transit to a legitimate bus companies that plied the KLIA route.


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