[Hotel Review] Lansvale Resort

When I tell people that I am going to Sydney, they usually tell me to drop by the Sydney Fish Market, The Rock, Manly, Opera House and the like, and when I say I am actually going to the west of Sydney, a suburb where the the Chipping Norton Lake is, they gave me a shock look, like I just told them that I am serial killer. I find that fascinating. Why would I want to travel 8 hours to Sydney to do the same ol touristy stuff. No offence, these places that they suggested are beautiful places, if you are going, please at least drop by once in your lifetime if this is the benchmark of the ultimate Sydney Experience. 

Anyhow, so this time around, I decided to stay at Lansvale Resort and Hotel. If you are like me, have lived most of your life in Asia, and when the word “resort” is tagged to a hotel, you usually think that it’s 5 or 6 stars with private jacuzzi, facing the sea and have private concierge at your disposal. IF that’s the case, I think you will be deeply disappointed, because Lansvale is nothing like that. In fact, it looks like a foreign worker’s dormitory in Marina Bay area. 

You need to fulfil these dressing codes before you will be entertained:

This is really my first time seeing this at a “resort”. 

This picture of the room is taken from their official website. It looks exactly like it is in the website. So, I didn’t bother snapping my own picture. 

The amenities in this hotel are absolutely lacking or should i say nonexistent. It has got a swimming pool, but throughout my stay, I don’t see anyone using it.

The hotel has a pub and a restaurant that serves breakfast every morning, breakfast wasn’t great, you can give it a skip and go over to Cabramatta (30mins walk/3mins drive) for a nice bowl of pho. I find the breakfast too greasy for my liking. Well, I can only speak for myself, if you like hash browns, sausage and bacon for breakfast, perhaps you will like it. 

I wasn’t feeling well on my second day, so I decided to call a room service. I kid you not, it’s efficient and speedy. I ordered myself a plate of ravioli, it came within the promised time. I am impressed, the server is so ready with smiles. I should have asked for her name. I was too sick to remember this vital details. Apparently, Milano restaurant is one of the best restaurants in this area, so most nights it’s filled up. 

They are a lil pricey for Singapore standards, but apparently it’s reasonable in Australian standards. 

If you are coming over anytime soon, please make sure to choose the wing furthest away from the highway. It’s really quite noisy at night and in the day as Hume Highway is outside the resort. Also, the room is not sound proof. Another thing that us in Asia always take for granted, check in time is at 10am. In Asia, we usually check out at 12pm. What I noticed was people usually get up and early around here. Throughout the night, I was awaken by truckload of bus ferrying tourists from Asia to this resort, going by the noise level, they looked like they are from upnorth. 

So, after yakking for so long, where is this place?


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