Waking up at 445am, showered, hustled out of the house just in time to catch the first light of the day is a surreal experience. I was caught up in my work as a superwoman, rushing everywhere to save the world that I forgot about my own welfare, well-being, sanity and living my life for myself and not for anyone else. 

Watching the yolk-like sun rose from the horizon into the sky reminds of God’s faithfulness and that His Grace is anew everyday. What matters now is my sitting at his foot and gaze upon His beauty, the accomplishments or failures of yesterday or a minute before was inconsequential. It doesn’t matter. They are not big enough to overshadow God’s glory and promises for today. Indeed His grace is sufficient for me. 

Live today as if it’s your last. 

If you survived today, share your amazing story so that more will come to know of Him and hear His good news. 

We live for a greater cause.

So, start living. Hate less. Love more. Make the world around you a better place. 


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