[First Impression] High School King

HIgh School King, one of the three (3) ongoing dramas that i am currently crazy about. The focus of my rant this time though is not about the plot of the drama, though I do think the plot is quite a refreshing diversion from the usual i-kill-you-kill-me plot.

The man of the hour is none other than Lee Soo Hyuk, some may have seen him in The Vampire Idol alongside our beloved Kim Woo Bin. Like Kim Woo Bin, Lee Soo Hyuk is a model and by that, also means that he has legs that last miles and miles and sometimes never ends, a good stature and a unique look. His best feature is his nose and sometimes his overly defined cheekbones. I am sure many ladies out there would kill to have that cheekbones. He could have easily steal the show from the main lead, Seo In Guk.

Lee Soo Hyuk in this drama plays a jackass Yoo Jin Woo, a chaebol, son bore out of a mother whose father hated and disregard. Though his father gave him a spot in the conglomerate he owned, his father never pays any attention to him and his mother, never regard him as a son, and in his attempt to please his father, he has turned into a mercenary and cold hard man. He is all about proving to his father that he is worth every salt that his father invested (or not) in him. Outside he is every bit a hateful man, but inside, he is lonely and vulnerable. Never celebrated his birthdays, never had friends and never really trusted anyone. Who would when you grew up believing everyone is out there to get you.

In and out of drama, he is consistently hot with that cold gaze and chiselled face. Who wouldn’t like to behold this face?

His acting is far from perfect, in some scenes, he looks stiff and unnatural. But, he has nice deep voice. When he bellowed, it appears as if the voice came from the deep well in his diaphragm. When I first heard his voice, Kim Jae Wook actually came to mind. The same voice. Deep and in the deep voice, one can find loneliness and forlornness.

In fact, his character here is very similar to Kim Jae Wook’s character, Jung In in Marry Me, Mary. Similarly, Kim Jae Wook plays this chaebol who lives his life to please his father, yearning for his father’s attention. What’s wrong with these chaebols?

Both men are forever alone in dramaland. Some day I hope to see a robust and aggressive (in a good sense) chaebols. I hope to see these two gentlemen playing more robust roles.


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