[Rawr of the Week] Fated To Love You Episode 10

Well, I started this drama with a lot of hope and I actually liked it. Until I watched the latest episode, Episode 10. 

There are so many things that didn’t work for me in this episode. 

1. Enough of the misunderstanding

It annoys the hell out of me when Kim Mi Young has this tendency to jump into conclusion, nevermind that, she also has the tendency to misunderstand and misconstrue the entire situation. She doesn’t quite have the mental capacity to read situations accurately. Just because of that one SHORT meeting with Se-Ra, and based on whatever that spills out of Se-Ra’s mouth, she just assumed that Se-Ra is right and that Lee Gun doesn’t love her and will leave her. Talking about intuition, doesn’t she by now know that Lee Gun is honestly in love with her? If only I could shake her to her senses, I would. 

2. Lee Gun

I started this drama adoring you and cheering you on despite your crazy-man laughter, but what’s going on? You are obviously in love with her and why don’t you stand up for her in front of your entire clan? Why you allow her mother to drag her off and allowed her to be scrutinised and jeered at by every pair of eyes that are in the room? Why Gunnie, why? 

3. The ambiguous state of affairs between Lee Gun and Se-Ra

Sure, I understand after waiting for 6 years, suddenly you came home to find that the man of your life married someone else. Sure, I totally understand if you are in disbelief and it all appears like a bad dream. And, surely you must have wondered, “is Gunnie really married?”, “did I just get dumped?” and whatever else you can come up with. With or without the Divorce Agreement, Lee Gun could have been clearer when he told her that he’s married and not just that, he actually loved her. Boy, was I disappointed when he in fact said, “I am gonna have baby. She’s the mother of my child” which obviously implied “we are married because of the baby!”.  

4. Kim Mi Young’s overly meek nature

Now, I am not expecting her to be like Mama Yong, but at least learn to stand up for yourself and not let everyone walk over you. Gah, I am a feminist and I cannot see women being ill treated and/or treated unfairly. While Gunnie may find her meek nature adorable, it has an adverse effect on me. I wish she could compete with Se-Ra on equal plain fields, fielding her title as the Madame and wife of the Lee household. What’s so wrong with rivalling for the affection of the man you love? She would rather lost THAT man than to compete? why not wrap him up nicely and courier him over to Se-Ra’s doorstep. For extra service, why not also throw in a champagne or two? 

5. The unnecessary scene

This episode started beautifully (I was happy for Kim Mi Young and Lee Gun, finally Gunnie, you confessed), BUT it slowly went downhill in the middle and then I totally lost it. Why so? 

Okay, while the scene where they had to feign and dodge the reporters in front of their homes was quite hilarious but it appears truncated and disjointed, don’t you think? I was wondering out loud, why dressed up as high school kids? And why put up so much drama just to elope ? I personally thought this scene was unnecessary. 

For once since started on this drama, I dread the new episode, perhaps I was fearful that Lee Gun will go back to Se-Ra, and Se-Ra knowing that Gunnie is sick will care for him and thus gain an upper hand over Kim Mi Young. I know I will be disappointed if Lee Gun were to go back to the cold embrace of Se-Ra. 

I can’t face up to my disappointment if that happens. 


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