[Cheapest Airline to Seoul] Vietnam Airlines

There are tonnes of airlines plying the Singapore-Seoul route but few flies under $500, round trip. In fact, Vietnam Airlines is one of those airlines that offers one of the best deals around. Vietnam Airlines may not be the airline of choice for many people. Many people has the perception that this is a cheapo airline with bad service. In fact, it is so not true. 

Why you should fly Vietnam Airlines?

1. Food

Food is not the focal point for most airlines, many serves measly food with pathetic taste and are unapologetic about it. But, Vietnam Airlines must have put a lot of effort into menu planning. From Singapore to Saigon route, local food was serve and from Saigon to Incheon, a fusion of local Vietnamese and Korean food was serve. Menu is a 4-page booklet with 2 choices of appetisers,main courses and endless drinks. Get yourself a champagne or try the Vietnamese coffee. So good I tell you! Menu looks almost like a menu of a chinese restaurant. So legit!

For your Saigon-Incheon leg, I suggest you choose the bulgogi set. Tasty, a little salty but overall yums. 

2. Service

Vietnam Airlines has one of the best staff strengths ever. On my Incheon-Saigon leg, I lost my boarding pass, all I had to do is raise my hand, immediately I was attended to and a boarding pass was printed out and delivered to me without questions asked besides the vitals of course. They are always serving with a smile, a gentle mannerism and eagerness. Never once I saw a grumpy steward or stewardess. Stewardesses dressed up in their national costume, Ao Dai, adding to the special Vietnamese hospitality. 

3. Transit flight

I must qualify that Saigon does not have the state-of-art transit lounge in South East Asia, in fact, they lacked in so many ways, however, whatever was lacking they made it up in convenience. I am not discounting that it is a small airport so it’s not easy to get lost in the terminal and miss your flights altogether, something that is of a prospect if you are in transiting in Changi Airport or Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Signs were clearly displayed and it is easy to get from where you disembarked to your next transit point. 

So what are you waiting for, book your tickets now to Incheon and have fun while you are at it. 


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