[First Impression] Blade Man

I must have a really slow brain. I have been watching this drama for 4 episodes and I still don’t get what is going on here. Granted, it is easy to tease out that Joo Hong Bin “airhead” a moniker commissioned by his staff is a heartbroken man, separated from the woman he loved. We don’t know what happened yet or how they got separated but we do know he is really a heartbroken man. He has been a walking machine, expressionless, and he trains his servants to be as expressionless as possible; a nice abode with a futuristic theme but devoid of presence. 

He met this bright, strong and warm girl, Son Se Dong through a chance meeting in the hospital. How he found her? By tracing her scent. If you think Edward Cullen is crazy, this man is truly creepy, instead of calling him an airhead, he should instead be called a #byungtaeahjussi . Since then, he has been giving her hell and he has been stalking her, finding her rather enigmatic and she piqued his interest so much, he is finding every excuse he can to see her or to put her around him. HAHAHA, byungtae ahjussi is not very subtle I must say. 

It is also through this chance meeting that both their paths crossed, connected by Chang, Joo Hong Bin’s son. Chang was sent to Korea after his mother, Kim Tae Hee, Hong Bin’s beloved died. The child has been abandoned for a while before he was found and sent to Korea. We do not know who that ahjumma that dropped Chang off at the airport was and what’s her relationship between Tae Hee and Chang. Or where she fits in this entire scheme of things.

Se Dong brought Chang home after seeing that he’s abandoned and he’s inconsolable. Like his father, Chang drew immediately to Se Dong, only Se Dong could console him. Seeing this as his opportunity to keep Se Dong by himself, Hong Bin offered Se Dong a chance of a lifetime, to be Chang’s babysitter. Though Se Dong counter proposed and suggested that he hired her entire team of programmers to fix the bug of the original game they developed, and on top of that, she will babysit Chang. At first, he gave her a flat no, well….as that episode progresses, we know he caved in. 

The part that I find the most confusing was the blade moment. Did he really have it or did he not? What exactly happened? 

It has been 4 episodes, and I am still thinking is this a dream or did he actually turned into a blade man each time he is angry, not just angry, really angry, anger that could change the weather in an instant. I should think he should call himself weather man instead of blade man. 


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