Against the tide.

I always pride myself as highly independent, mobile and carefree. Qualities that had been drummed into me since moving out of parents’ home when I was barely 20. Having travelled through many countries and cities on my own, I see myself as highly successful (I am basing it on my own standard of success) as a person. Living the life that I like and want, not needing to subject my likes and dislikes to anyone. This is my ideal life. 

These qualities that I embraced with all that I have weren’t shared by people whom I have came in contacts with in the recent trip. Each time without fail these questions were thrown at me barely 5 mins into our initial introduction. 

“Why do you want to travel alone?”

“Are you running away from something or someone? Are you debt?”

“Why are you not married?”

And many more of such questions of similar gradients. 

It has never bothered me that I am single and free spirited, to me this is liberty. However, since I have been posed these questions so much in the recent trip, I began to reflect on the reality of my lifestyle choice. Is it so bad that I am living it up on my own? What I see as strength, others see it as pathetic. Some not very sensible persons even asked me if I am even normal and some ahjummas even reminded me that my biological clock is ticking and that I should utilise my tools before it’s out of order. Imagine my exasperation. 

I came to realise that when you do things that are out of the order with the world’s standard, you are deemed abnormal or even queer. Now, linking this to my faith as a child of God, contemplating the meaning of faith and what it means to live by faith. Sometimes, I wonder what it even mean to have faith when most times it’s canned. Not activated. God doesn’t call us to live life that’s pathetic and monotonous, our God is not a God of monotony, in fact, He is a creative God, just look at the different seasons, colours, species of birds, animals there are in the world outside you. Doesn’t that give you enough reason to go outside and explore? God is calling us to live a crazy life sans anything illegal and dangerous please. Do that at your own risks. So, if God is calling us out of our shells (i.e.; comfort zones) why are we still sitting around contemplating our calling in life. 

Why are we the royal priesthood living life like the world does? Instead of going against the tide, we allowed ourselves to be swept by the tide, tossing into the wave and never knowing where we are going. We just follow where others are going without once contemplating for ourselves whether this is where my God wants me to go. 

When we do things differently, that doesn’t make us crazy, but so what if it makes us cuckoo, we are to live only once, either you do it or you regret it, the same opportunity will not come by twice. It saddens me when Christians are afraid to be inconvenienced, withdrawn from getting their hands dirty. It’s always easier to see from afar the sufferings of others than to put out our hands and help to end the sufferings because it’s inconveniencing. Truth be told, it doesn’t even earned you any recognitions, Nobel Peace Prize or monetary awards. Despite all the hardworks, your efforts remain incognito. But, ain’t we all garnering for rewards that are far greater than what the world can offer? 


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