[Drama of the Week] Cunning Single Lady

Lee Min Jung is so pretty! 

Her beauty never fails to make me gawk at her like a goldfish with my mouth open. I first noticed her in Big, followed by this drama. I have not seen many of her dramas, this being only my second drama of hers. Anyhoo, wow! What a princess! Lucky Mr Lee Byung Hun. 

I have not been watching alot of completed dramas these days. Who has the time when the currently aired dramas are so intense and insanely good. It’s so hard to miss even a slightest minute of it. 

So, here goes! This week’s drama is Cunning Single Lady, a drama aired earlier this year. 



Cha Jeong Woo, a nerd turned IT whizz mogul, divorced from his first love, Na Ae Ra after his failed attempts at starting his business. He passed his national exam only at this first attempt, and having spent many hours eating at the rice soup restaurant owned by Na Ae Ra’s parents (at one scene, he credited the rice and soup for his success at national exam), their romance blossomed at the most unlikeliest place, yes that restaurant. But, this is not the major highlight. 

Soon after his graduation, he started working as a civil servant which thrilled Na Ae Ra to no one because she relished the idea of being a full time housewife waiting faithfully for her husband to return from work each day. But, one day, our CEO Cha came home with the news that he thought would thrilled Na Ae Ra as much, he resigned from his stable job and wanted to start his own business. An idea that Na Ae Ra detested but she continues to support him not only emotionally but also financially. 

While he busied himself with his invention or whatever he was thinking of pioneering, Na Ae Ra has to support the family, to put food on the table, juggled multiple jobs to make ends meet to point where she lost their child in miscarriage. This was a wake up call for her to pull the break and have a clean break from him. She sought divorce. 

Fast forward, they met again in the unlikeliest place yet again. However, this time CEO Cha is a successful IT mogul and has tonnes of money. He wears fancy clothes and has long abandoned the hoboness that clung to him like second skin. He is admired by many females but remained single. Soon after, Na Ae Ra applied to be an intern in the company, DonTalk started by CEO Cha. Well, her intention of applying for this company is not very innocent and pure. She wanted to seek revenge for the mental damage he has caused her. But, it is in this place and time that he came to understand the struggle and pain that he had put her through, the sacrifices she had made and came to learn about the greatest loss in her life that propelled her to seek divorce, yes, the loss of their baby. 

Here on, every episode is relished with funny antics of CEO Cha, though he appeared to be uncaring and uninterested, but he is every bit a stalker, a scary one at that. He made sure she stays late so that he could quietly hide himself behind doors and peek at her. HAHAHAHA, stalkers out there, take a leaf from CEO Cha. 

Men are like animal in the safari, territorial and mean, when he smelled that Guk Seong Hyun is interested in Na Ae Ra, he ensures that all his advances are intercepted. Most notably when he tricked her into going to the supermarket at the pretense of getting Makgeolli (rice wine) so that she would not make it in time to the place where Seong Hyun had set up fairy lights, cake and wine to confess to her. HAHAHA, that was hilarious how he feigned leg and shoulder injuries. 

When these men learned that they had fall for the same lady, I was expecting more vigorous competition from Seung Hyun but he’s quite a let down. While, I must applaud him in the romance department, he doesn’t have the drive to vie for her attention and love. Yes, though she has rejected him mercilessly but I thought I heard him say he will try to better. He was so intent on using his sister to capture the heart of CEO Cha just so that he could have Na Ae Ra to himself. That’s a very cowardly act.


When all seems to be ebbing away and failing, he stepped up to replace her sister and came out of the closet and announced to the world that he is actually the son of the Chairman Guk, I was wondering what is it that he’s trying to prove here? Was he trying to impress Na Ae Ra assuming that Na Ae Ra is interested in a rich man rather than a poor intern? I am not sure what his intentions are here. His character sort of losing his footing and presence after episode 12. He even went out of his way to run Na Ae Ra’s life by setting up interview opportunity for him etc, again assuming that’s what’s best for Na Ae Ra. 


All these rants aside, credit must be given where it’s due. I think Seo Kang Joon did a good job at his role. He has the ability to get into his character and portrays the required emotions as and when needed. I was quite shocked to learn that he’s only 21, while he certainly doesn’t look like one. In fact, he is able to pull off much older and meaty roles than second lead. His acting skills are definitely not to shabby for his tender age. 


Anyhow, tell me which version of Seung Hyun you fancy? The “poor” intern or the Director?


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