[Hotel Review] Kep Lodge

After many many dirt roads, bumps and sicks, I am finally at the door step of Kep Lodge, setting right at the foot of Kep National Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I am hustled once again, but into another dimension. If i was a little agitated by the endless bumps, humps and dirt roads that we need to pass in order to get to this place, once I was dropped off by my cab driver, these humps, bumps and sicks seem so worth it because I have arrived at paradise. All I could process at this very moment is how awesome this place is. 

This stilted house was my home for 4 days. This place with bare necessities, modern toilet, bed room fitted with fans, some rooms were fitted with aircon (trust me aircon is not needed at all) and whatever else you need, sans television. 

Personally, I find sleeping under the canopy of the mosquito net a novelty. My first of a kind experience, one that I would remember for a long time to come.  

Instead of the sound of television at night, i was sleeping in the midst of an orchestra staged by the crickets and other animals surrounding me. The pure sensation of sleeping in the midst of forest. When the lights are out, a bunch of fireflies flew about, circling above me, as if to bid me good night. And, slowly I drifted into slumber land. It is as if these orchestras worked on shift, when dawn comes, this group will retire only to be replaced by another group, an energetic flock of birds, enthusiastically chirping away awaking the mortals from their slumbers. 

BE WARN. Sometimes, a stray bat or two might accidentally flew into the bed room at night, I wish it immortalised itself into the Dark Knight though, oh well… wishful thinking. So, keep the windows closed to prevent unwanted straying. The staff at this resort is ever so ready to serve and help in any way. You could get them to rid the bats or whatever else. 

While the intention of this resort is to keep things simple and primitive, I think attention needs to be paid on maintenance of facilities. I came back to my room late one night only to find that the light in the toilet is not working, short circuit I was told. A few afternoons before that, water was not running from the tap. 

Cleanliness is another bone that I need to pick. The towels provided for weren’t the cleanest, stains were all over the towels, some were even spotted. After the previous tenant moved out, they cleaned the room, windows were left open. I wonder sometimes, if any animals had slept or slithered on the bed that I slept on. Or if the sheets were even changed out. The musty smells of dampness clung in the air when I entered my room. 


The best place to have breakfast is on the upper veranda. This is also the best spot to see sunset. It’s overlooking the pool, a perfect place to read, reflect, think and just be comfortable with yourself and nature. Being a city person, I can’t remember the last time I went out of the concrete jungle into the nature. It takes a lot of effort and time. But, here, time seems to standstill, everything else just flows. 

This was where I parked myself every morning. As I was relating this, a sense of reminiscence washed over me, I quite miss this place. This unhurried and untainted sanctuary. 

Repellent, repellent, repellent. 

I can’t emphasise this enough. The mosquitoes here are blood suckers. They came out in full force and flies right into your skin and feed on it. Sometimes, you may not even know. So, arm yourself with repellent. If you don’t have any, ask the staff, they have some thing that they can use to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

Overall, this is a good experience for me. An experience that I can never forget. 


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