[First Impression] Pinocchio


What’s with the mop head, Choi Dal Po? Who’s great idea was it to have him wear such ugly wig?

I was tempted to send him David Gan to give him a good hair cut and some hair care tips.


Pinocchio, a childhood fairy tale about a boy when told lies will have his nose grow unnecessarily long. This drama on the other hand is not an adaptation or a remake of the Hollywood Pinocchio we all grew up reading about. However, there were slight references here and there from the Hollywood version. Most distinctly the character of Choi In Ha; she is the Pinocchio, each time she told a lie or untruth, she will be having a hiccup.

Choi In Ha is the “niece” of Choi Dal Po; the assumed Choi Dal Po, the real Choi Dal Po is believed to be dead. This drama started with Ki Ha Myeong (later Choi Dal Po)’s family background. His father was a fire fighter and in one of the rescue missions, he went missing and was declared a fugitive. 9 of his colleagues died in the fire. He was believed to be alive but no one really know. Ha Myeong’s family was put under the harsh media glare and his mother unable to cope with the pressure decided to kill herself bring Ha Myeong with her by jumping off the cliffs. Somehow, Ha Myeong survived and ended up in a village with In Ha’s grandfather and assumed the identity of Choi Dal Po. There was little glimpse into the life of the real Choi Dal Po but we know that he’s mentally slow. Ha Myeong on the other hand was a genius, but he chose to cover up his ability after he assumed the identity of Choi Dal Po. As part of the charade, he never did well in school, hence the nickname bestowed upon him, the infamous All-Zero, legendary.

In the second episode, we found out through In Ha that his “uncle” Choi Dal Po is widely read and has read most of the books in the library. This was found out after he appeared on a game show on national television rivalling Anh Chan Soo. His appearance (and I don’t mean his hair, but yes that too) on tv is a shock to everyone and everyone started to chide and make nasty comments about him. All are in disbelief; how could an All-Zero rivalled and challenged Anh Chan Soo, the first in the entire school. It is also through this game show that his classmates found out that Choi Dal Po is a closet genius that has been hiding his identity and ability from everyone even his teacher. At one point, he was accused of cheating when he scored a perfect score for the general knowledge test.

Choi Dal Po’s history with In Ha’s mother goes way back, her mother was the reporter that had reported on his father’s incident that sent the entire family into frenzy and eventually broke his family up. With the twist of event, Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha met in such a twisted manner. Of course Choi In Ha has no idea that Choi Dal Po knew all about her family, in fact nobody knew. It is not known though if he approached In Ha’s grandfather knowing that Choi In Ha is the daughter of Jin Kyung, the reporter.

This is an interesting drama to watch. It would be interesting to see how this progress and now that Choi Dal Po has acknowledged his feelings for In Ha, are we going to see a love tussle between him and Chan Soo, the star boy? Anyhow, Dal Po and In Ha look good together, don’t they?



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