[First Impression] Angel Eyes

WOW! Nice soundtrack“, that was the first thing that came to my mind as I began my journey with Angel Eyes. This drama has been on my to-watch list for a long time but I always put it off, I need to be emotionally ready to watch melodrama. Each time I watch melodramas, I need a lot of time to help me recuperate from the emotional roller coaster. So, yesterday I told myself, I am ready, let’s do this. I gotta to tell you, I was foolish and my heart was so tender that it broke and torn into pieces first few minutes into the drama. Yes, I am that vulnerable emotionally. Instead of casting this drama aside, I decided to continue with it. I have to say this drama though rather gloom is not all doom. In fact, it has the drawing power to make viewers stay tune and continue bawling our eyes out knowing that we must finish what we have started especially finding out if these two are eternally separated or will fate brings them together once again.


This drama started happily for a good 10 mins before it turned into tragedy, a tragedy that brought Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s destiny together. Dong Joo’s father was a fire fighter, he lost his life trying to save Soo Wan’s mother when the ceiling of the tunnel collapsed on them. Like that they perished. This accident also left Soo Wan the only survivor but also robbed her of her eyesight. Since then she has been living life as a despondent person, living alone all by herself, indulging in the interests of her mother hoping that it will bring her closer to her mother. Her father a doctor stopped coming home because he could not face Soo Wan and he felt hapless not being able to restore the sight of her daughter. Also, their home reminds him too much of his late wife.

Dong Joo’s family on the other hand, continues to live on, despite the loss, they continue to be each other’s pillar of courage and emotional support. Their interactions and banters had made their family a warm paradise to seek refuge from for Soo Wan later on. The young Dong Joo played by Kang Ha Neul, he was the perfect son that every mother would want to have and brag about. He is not only top of his class but also in the entire region, with his results so excellent, he could enrol himself in a medical school but he wanted to be a fire fighter just like his father. Dong Joo helped his mother deliver porridge in the early mornings to their neighbourhoods, after school he works part time. It was through these delivery trips that he first saw Soo Wan and fell in love with her. Not knowing that she is blind.

When Dong Joo found out that Soo Wan, played by Ku Hye Sun is blind, he decided to invite himself into her life. Their relationship began to blossom, and it is through Dong Joo that Soo Wan felt alive and find meaning to live on again. Previously, though she was hopeful that there could be potential cornea donors, she wasn’t really expect much because there is nothing much for her to look forward to. Since meeting Dong Joo, she was desperate to see because she wanted to see Dong Joo’s handsome face.




Fate is a cruel thing. Dong Joo’s mother was knocked down by a car in one of her morning delivery trips and lost her life but before she did, she left Dong Joo with two wishes; 1) to care for Hye Joo; 2) to donate her cornea to Soo Wan. Jung Hwa ssi’s death was not the complication of the accident, there’s a conspiracy behind it and this is yet to be uncovered. Jung Hwa ssi’s wish came to the attention of Soo Wan’s father. Her father always thought that he had a hand to play in the demise of Jung Hwa ssi not knowing that someone else had came before him that did Jung Hwa ssi in. Soo Wan’s father knew the relationship between Soo Wan and Dong Joo but he was intent in separating these two apart. Shortly after the demise of Jung Hwa ssi, Dong Joo had to leave for the US and he left Soo Wan a letter but it was intercepted by Soo Wan’s father and never delivered. Soo Wan’s father on the other hand appears to be “helping” Dong Joo, even adopt him as his son and helped him through medical school where he graduated top of his cohort. Dong Joo has decided to return to Korea and work at the same hospital and he is hopeful to find Soo Wan again. His return to Korea put Soo Wan’s father on edge and he has been egging Dong Joo to go back to the US by convincing him it’s wasteful for him to stay in this remote town when he belongs to the major leagues.

What exactly is his father fearful of?

Will Dong Joo and Soo Wan reunite?


I love love Kang Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon’s interpretations of their character, Dong Joo. Kang Ha Neul as the young Dong Joo, always optimistic, simple, warm and cheerful. His smile is so infectious, it’s almost impossible to not smile when you see him smile. Kang Ha Neul started his career as a threatre actor before crossing over to small screen, his has adapted his theatrical skills well, his acting is very natural here and not pretentious. So convincing and full of warmth. He exudes a lot of charisma in this role. A wonder to watch.

The difference in interpretations of this role is stark between Ha Neul and Sang Yoon. Kang Ha Neul as the young Dong Joo, a character that is untainted by the worries of the world. Whereas Lee Sang Yoon as the adult Dong Joo is something else. By this time, Dong Joo’s character had weathered a few adversities in life that left him rather scarred. He seems to be rather forlorn and lonesome. A person whom he has called father and trust with all he has is as simple as he thought he would, someone with ulterior motive. A hope that Dong Joo always hang on to almost came to a snap, what else is left for him in this world, I wonder. Such forlorn-ness.




A little trivial:

Lee Sang Yoon is not only an excellent doctor in this drama, in fact off screen, he has a Degree in Physics from one of the most prestigious universities, Seoul National University. Lee Sang Yoon has the look and the brain, also a dimple and an eye smile to boot.

Lastly, enjoy this beautiful OST.

P/S Need to remember to go stock up on tissue papers.

It’s almost impossible to watch this drama with dry eyes. How much heartache and loss can a person take?

Will this demeanour change? I don’t know. Guess I gotta to keep watching to find out.


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