[First Impressions] Healer


What first impressions, I am in love and I am in love with the roof hopping, ass kicking and fast (literally) food bingeing Healer.

Yes, Healer! No, he is not a doctor or practicing medicine, I am not sure what’s he’s healing yet, maybe he’s nursing his own empty and broken heart.

Anyway, Healer, You are so awesome; your ass kick is artfully done, it’s like an art in itself so swiftly and smoothly executed; too smooth in fact it’s as if it’s not real, it’s as if it’s a figment of my own imagination.



Ji Chang Wook is Jung Woo aka Healer, a socially awkward and isolated namja who made a home out of a warehouse lookalike building, working for an ahjumma who hacks, she is capable of infiltrating any system, nothing is too difficulty for her, what a combi I hear you say, a remark that resonates with me when I first started this drama. But hey, these two are so formidable. God knows how these two come to work with and for each other. All we know is ahjumma never fails to call Healer when he’s about to have his meals and he not-so-secretly believed that ahjumma has a camera around his place just for this very reason, to call him when he’s about to put food in his mouth. The banter between these two is just so adorable.


Ji Chang Wook is juggling two characters that are polar opposites to each other, he has to continuously switching between the bad and the good – the cool and emotionally void and broody guy, at the same time he can play the clumsy, nerdy and vulnerable Park Bong Soo. He is quite skilled at switching facades between the tough guy and the clumsy Park Bong Soo. I actually like him as Park Bong Soo, he’s just so cute that one cannot help but rush to his side to protect him from any harm that the dinosaur talking Chae Young Shin may inflict on him every chance she gets. And all these facades and acts are for the sake of duty and to nail the perpetrator that framed Healer as a murderer. This is what I call commitment man. Boss Ahjumma should be proud for having such committed sidekick.

Chae Young Shin’s identity is also shrouded in mystery, with the little we know she was adopted when she was young. And, the Star Reporter Kim was frantically looking for her, she could be the daughter of his sister-in-law who is now wheelchair bound. What happened that rendered her this state, we don’t know.



Fate is a bitch, as the plot progresses, Healer came to realise that he may have seen and known Chae Young Sin when they were little since his late father was friends with Chae Young Sin’s real father. Just who are they?

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.43.37 pm

I have yet to see and feel the chemistries developing between these two. While Park Min Young seems rather at ease with her character, Ji Chang Wook on the other hand is rather stiff and awkward around her. Perhaps that’s what his character made him to be. I shall give it another few episodes before labelling this awkwardness.

Who is Healer exactly? Is he a bad guy or is he a good guy? And, why Healer? Why this moniker? This drama has a balance of thrills, actions, comedy and romance all package nicely into one. For a first impressions, this is positively good!

Two episodes in, I am just so in love with this drama that I can’t wait Mondays and Tuesdays to come. What’s Monday blues when you have Healer to do the healing.

Christmas is looming.

Happy Merry Christmas people! Have fun eating and make sure no one calls you when you are about to pop food in your mouth.


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