[Drama of the Week] I Miss You

I Miss You….NOT!

Missing You - Korea Drama 2

What’s in the past?

A 2012 production, starring Micky (Han Jung Woo) and Yoon Eun Hye (Lee Soo Hyeon or later on Zoe), two childhood sweethearts, tragically separated and Lee Soo Hyeon was announced dead, her killer jailed for 15 years. Call this affinity or sixth sense, Han Jung Woo must have one of those, he refused to accept this mere fact and believed that Lee Soo Hyeon is still alive. And, he has set his life on a mission to find Lee Soo Hyeon. Armed with this hope, he left his family, became a police just so he could one day clasp the cold steel of cuffs on the wrist of the REAL killer.

Lee Soo Hyeon’s life got entwined with the tragic and abrupt end to her adolescence years when she witnessed Han Jung Woo’s kidnapping and unthinkingly chased after the kidnappers in the hope to save Han Jung Woo. In the process, she was raped and left to died. Han Jung Woo who witnessed this hideous act managed to free himself and made an escape but without first rescued Lee Soo Hyeon, an act he regrets but can’t undo, a memory that taunts and torments him for the next 15 years.

Harry was the son of Kang Hyun Joo, whom had siphoned Han Jung Woo’s father’s money and Han Jung Woo’s father was trying to get these monies back; he employed cruel methods/threats (e.g.; order the killing of Harry) to get her coax out the money. But Kang Hyun Joo remained nonplus about this threat. To keep Harry safe, Nurse Jung “kidnapped” Harry and locked him up in a house a few doors away from Lee Soo Hyeon’s. Nurse Jung also ordered the kidnapping of Han Jung Woo as a threat to his father to stop all his dirty dealing or else……..Han Jung Woo shall die! With this, Nurse Jung and Harry were supposed to leave Korea with the money and start life anew. Harry was also told his mother is dead and that they have to escape if they want to preserve their lives. In the process, they came to “rescue” Lee Soo Hyeon and these trio left without a trace until 15 years later when Harry is back to Korea for a revenge. Unbeknownst to him that his mother is still alive. Lee Soo Hyeon was fed lies and brainwashed by Harry about Han Jung Woo, over times she came to believe and internalised these half truths and embraced them like there are the truths.



In their adulthood, Lee Soo Hyeon and Han Jung Woo met again.


This drama is heading for disaster two episodes in. The background episodes though crucial and essential in setting the pace  and to tell us, viewers what’s the in the past and how these horrendous past events will set centre stage for subsequent episodes, but these background episodes were one episode too many, in my humble opinion, a to a point it became a dread. I was wondering when they are going to transit to their adulthoods and set things in motion. It looks like it’s never ever going to come at this rate that we are going.

Though this drama is dubbed a thriller, but I don’t see the thrilling parts much. The cues, clues are there, laying in the open but no one seems to be putting two and two together. It seems like everyone knew Han Jung Woo’s father was the villain but Han Jung Woo. It feels like Han Jung Woo is perpetually on the wild goose chase, and Harry is the only benefactor of this chase and he seems to be having a lot of fun seeing father and son going against each other. Though I understand that he wanted Han Jung Woo to find out on his own accord what kind of person his father is but it still feels like Harry is playing the biggest game of chess ever. I detest Harry’s method of keeping Lee Soo Hyeon close by manipulating her emotionally and psychologically. That’s beyond psycho! That’s just not something you do to someone you love. I am beyond speechless.

There are too many incidences of misunderstanding that makes me cringe and I was just thinking when all these misunderstandings will be cleared and put to rest so that we can move on. Really…..even at halfway mark, I don’t see the pace quickened and I see no end in sight. The PD and directors must have been having fun getting these people to run around like a mad person chasing something that’s right under their nose.

You don’t lose out if you don’t watch this drama. There are many other good dramas around, so skip this one. But, if you are a fan of Micky and likes thrillers, watch Three Days instead.


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