[Drama of the Week] Prime Minister and I

Prime Minister and I, the odd and unlikely love story. How?


Kwon Yul, a widower with 3 young children (aged 15, 10 and 7), had his heart broken when his wife died in a car accident when trying to flee from him with her lover. Kwon Yul, a firm, stubborn and a principled man, un-budged by anything if he has come to a conclusion or decision regarding anything.

Kwon Yul became the youngest prime minister the Republic of Korea has ever seen. With the burden of the nation on his shoulders, he spent little time with his children, he almost did not have any relationship with children, does not know what his children like and dislike, does not know what ticks and what doesn’t. After his wife died, he has decided to live his life a widower, had his heart double and triple sealed and vowed to focus all his attention on the affairs of ROK.

Unfortunately, things may not always go the way you want it to go, they say and true enough he was thrown into a scandal with Nam Da Jung, a paparazzi reporter from Scandal News. Nam Da Jung is the total opposite of his wife and himself. Nam Da Jung is a simple-minded girl with a kind heart and warmth, the only child with her mother passed away when she was 4 and has a father with dementia. But, all these do not stop her from being a bright light to others. She is always upbeat and bright regardless of what was thrown at her. Her life got entwined with the prime minister when she was embroiled in a misunderstanding with him when the latter thought that she was manipulating Man Se, his youngest child for hot tabloid news. When the misunderstand is later cleared, she was granted an exclusive 10 mins interview with the prime minister. This is only the beginning.

Soon, a paparazzi got wind and even a picture of the two “kissing” and soon she was identified as the woman whom he is having a scandal with. In order to intercept this gossip from being a full blown scandal, his assistants suggested a contract marriage. Reluctantly both agreed to it. Both with agenda of their own that they want to achieve. Him from a disastrous candidacy, her to fulfil her father’s dying wish to walk her down the aisle and to marry her off.

With Nam Da Jung forcefully thrust into the Kwon family, she started playing the role of “mother” to his children. Having lost her mother when she was young, she knew how it felt like not to have mother, so she tried her best to fulfil that role for the children. Man Se was particularly attached to her and affectionately call her ahjumma. Nara was the princess in the family and she tried every trick she has to make Da Jung’s life miserable. But over time, Nara grown fond of Da Jung as well. Since Nam Da Jung moved in to their life, theirs became a merry and perpetually noisy affair. Her father was particularly endearing when he was with the children and the children returned his affection without any reservation. A scene that’s really touching.



Everything starts to change, emotions, behaviours even the principled man himself began to have something swifts in him. He began to embrace Da Jung’s simplicity as a wisdom and enjoyed her company for the lack of complexity in her life and thinking. And, as we all anticipated, his feeling for her began to grow, while struggle inside with guilt for the vow he had made earlier to his dead wife.


Unlikely paring but it works. I wasn’t sure I wanted to start this drama at first, I haven’t seen anything with Lee Beom Soo in it, he’s completely unknown to me. But, Yoona is a darling that I like, so I thought hey, what’s the loss anyway, and that’s how I began and was completely taken over by this two unlikely couple and the chaos that ensues.




I like that this is not the usual politics-blue house kinda drama where most of the dialogues are bleah and filled with yawn inspiring scenes. This drama has a good balance of comedy, romance and some serious stuff – good combo for everyone. The rom com nerd in me was cheering for this unlikely couple once I came to embrace their unlikely-ness as endearing. Yoona is really quite a looker with her bright eyes and shy smile, she indeed is the best actress to play this role. And, her fashion sense here is soooooooooooooooo nice!




These are but a few of the many styles featured. Watch the drama and you will know what I mean.

My peeved started when the ballistics of attack started. I am like, “seriously, dude! give this people a break!“. Everyone wants to bring them down, I mean EVERYONE! Park Joon Ki, Kwon Yul’s ex brother in law was adamant to the end of Kwon Yul because he believed Kwon Yul caused the death of his sister. And, he went out of his way to ensure that he first attacks Nam Da Jung and framed her up for having a scandal with Kang In Ho, in many cases his plan was thwarted because Prime Minister Kwon will be the hero, come out of nowhere and save his damsel in distress. YAY!

Another peeve I have was with Seo Hye Joo, seriously she needs to know where she stands in the scheme of things. I hate it when she lacks balls and then deploy every little trick to intercept Nam Da Jung’s relationship with Prime Minister from flourishing. That’s selfish because it’s self-serving. She doesn’t want anyone else to have the trophy that she couldn’t get her hands on. I don’t get her. She was the one who decided to play the ohh-so-poor-thing-look-at-me-please girl to Kwon Yul when she has all the years before them to boldly go up to him and say, “hey! I like you!”. I guess I can never understand !

Overall it’s an okay drama to watch. I like the twist and turn as the plot develops and it’s always peppered with hilarious scenes and comic comebacks. Love it!


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