The lost art of travelling.

With travelling becomes increasingly commercialised, the soul of travelling has also become more commercialised. Air travels are increasingly affordable #thanksbudgetairlines and with our world becoming increasingly globalised and free, travel has lost its art. The lure of travelling is no longer something to be attained for self growth but for self glory.

Many aspires to travel but not many found the real reason behind their travels and adventures.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetMany were absorbed and consumed in joining the IN group and do the IT thing.

Many travels to add on to the already congestion air traffics and crowds but none actually understood the real meaning of wanderlust.

Every platform of social media is congested with pictures of bikini-clad ladies sipping martinis lounging on some beach, or cruising down the mekong river doing the tourist thing.

Are these true representation of travelling?

When this movement is gone, will you remember this forever? Will you be able to reflect back and recall what you have done that had left a lasting impression on you?

Do we travel responsibly? Or do we simply travel so that we could also be part of the “travellers” fraternity but knew nothing about the place, the history, the reason for it and we just cruise along, get it done with.

I feel utterly sad and frustrated by the fact that people failed to understand the beauty of travelling. Travelling is something very personal, it’s not just travelling for travelling sake, it’s a personal growth; an intimate moment to be remembered.

This very reason forced me to abandon my bandwagon and go solo and experience what life is like out of my mould, out of my comfort zone. I want to be able to tell stories from my travels to whoever cares to listen. I choose to travel to places where people do not really want to go because I want to walk the road less travelled….the unchartered water inspired me to break away from the ordinary and seek something extraordinary.

I am itching to travel again and I can’t wait to document every moment down and share with you who care to read.



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