[Explore My City] Maeklong Railway Market


Our journey to Maeklong started in Silom where we had to take the BTS to Victory Monument where we could take the mini vans ploughing the route from Bangkok to Maeklong.

At the pre-journey research, this looks sensible and pretty straight forward, but in reality nothing is as easy as ABC.

The journey from Silom to Victory Monument was a breeze, uneventful.

However, the confusion started when we arrived at Victory Monument. We exited the station and used the skywalk as indicated and we were trying hard to look out for the signages that will give us any indication of the mini vans or bus stop that we were looking for. Coming from a fairly developed and efficient city, I had this imagination of a proper bus stop with booths in my mind. But, of course not dahling! That’s not the case.

We asked for directions to the bus stop and we were on a few occasions to walk straight. Straight we walked but we did not end up finding the bus stop that we were so yearning to see. Instead we were bumped into another crowd selling fruits and other items on the plastic tarp laid out neatly on the sidewalk.

We asked for direction again for the second time and again we were given the same instruction; to go straight. We were contemplating if these people really know what/where we were talking about. But, we chose to walk on….straight that is.

We came to the next crowd selling similar items. It feels like a deja vu. It feels like “I just walked through this” but these are different peddlers altogether. For the third time, we were given, yet again, the same instruction.

And, they said third time lucky. It must have been true because this time as we walked straight, we came to this makeshift bus stop under the expressway selling tickets to Maeklong. One could only imagine my elation.

Tickets were purchased at 90Baht each.

We were told to wait at the plastic chairs laid out under the shed for our mini van to arrive.

Soon, we were hustled up the van. It was not the most comfortable journey, but for 90baht, this is good bargain and I could hardly complain.

The journey took us about 90 mins.

Our driver must have harboured dreams to be a Formula 1 driver when he was young. He zipped in and out of the traffic, outmaneuvered cars, lorries and trucks like it’s the right to do. Like it’s a normal occurrence for him on daily basis.

Our van was over congested with tiny spaces to rest our legs and arms. We were basically packed up like sardine in the cans begging to be released.

90 mins later we were dropped off at the junction to Maeklong Market.



Maeklong is a small town at the outskirt of Bangkok.

There is no shopping malls, cool cafes or the like here.

This town is made famous thanks to the railway market.

If you have not heard of this market, you need to start watching the video above.

When I was there just a week ago, the market was close due to repair work on the track.


We could still walk on the track for 100 yard then we had to make a U-turn.

Some hawkers are still hawking their wares but we didn’t get to see the market full of buzz and activities.

There was no chatters, silence permeated the air.


We are not sure when the railway market will be up in full swing. Some said in March, some said maybe.

Whatever that is, it has been quite an experience though we didn’t manage to see what we wanted to.

In the nearby market was a big temple and outside the temple courtyard, makeshift markets were set up. This could be another alternative if you would like to get some cheap bargains and to nurse your disappointed heart.

As for me, I am more intrigued by the temple. The architecture of the temple deserves every marvel. It was so intricately designed and built.


In fact every corner of Thailand is peppered with beautifully built temples.

I will make it my next mission to photograph all these beautiful temples in my next leg to Thailand.



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