Romancing Taejong..

Busan, as I mentioned countless time before is my hometown. My favourite city in Korea. There is so much to Busan than meets the eyes.

And, one of it is the Taejong National Park sitting nicely at the tip of the Korean peninsula where on good day, Japan can be seen across the sea.

Taejong National Park is approximately 45-60 mins from Haeundae Beach; very easily accessible by bus no 181 directly outside Haeundae station, exit 3.

Korea is a well connected city and there is nowhere in Korea that is not accessible by public transport. This is the beauty of Korea that I totally in love with.

Well….back to Taejong (I digressed)…..

The first stop at Taejong is the short beach where one could take a ferry tour across the island.

It was a downward hill of rocks.

Treacherous terrain but doable!

Sea is their livelihood here. There is a makeshift seafood stall set up serving fresh catch from the ocean. My mouth just waters recalling this goodness.

Second stop: The viewing point

To get here, you need to climb the up slope mount. Of course, you could hop on the train that will bring you from one point to the next without breaking a sweat. But, where’s the beauty in that.

The fresh spring air…….makes all the huffs and puffs worth it.

Third stop: a temple

There’s a beautiful temple sitting right in the middle of the mount. The sound of water fall running from the mountain to their well is so therapeutic. There are many crows on the trees adding on the air of eeriness. No one was spot while I was there.

Fourth spot: The famous cliff

It was rather foggy. Otherwise, directly opposite this cliff is Japan.

I was quite a walk to the cliff. Tips: wear a good pair of shoes. And, you will thank me later.

The view from the cliff is amazing.

Fifth point: the lighthouse

There were about 400 steps up the lighthouse. And, sorry folks, there’s no elevator.

I didn’t manage to climb up to the very top.

So, I heard the view up there is even more splendid. Yes, I regretted not making it up. But, there’s always next time.

To note, there are many other stops along the way which I didn’t stop for.

The entire tour from the bottom to the top will take approximately 2 hrs depending on your stamina and speed. If you like me, would stop every now and then for pictures, you might take longer.

The best time to go would be spring and autumn. I couldn’t imagine going back there in summer with the heat and humidity at their peak. But, of course, you are a summer person, do hazard ahead.


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