Here to stay…Kim Woo Bin

2013 might have come and gone!

But, The Heirs is here to stay.

The Heirs was one of the greatest hits in 2013, second to the Master’s Sun. Please if you follow this space long enough, you would know that So Ji Sub oppa is my greatest bias. So, no one before or after him shall be greater than him. HEH!

AHEM! I digressed!

I don’t know about you but I watched The Heirs with a different lens. While others are crazy over Lee Min Ho, I am like KIM WOO BIN! KIM WOO BIN! And, the chant continues!

I zoomed my lens right straight at Choi Young Do’s face. Who would forget that face; that 189cm of being staring right back at you.

Check that legs out

Kim Woo Bin’s career continues to sore after The Heirs and since then he has been getting lead roles in movies and now return with Uncontrollably Fond, his latest baby. It’s a sappy love story between two high school sweethearts that meet again in real life with totally different fates and paths. For someone who vowed to fight for the poor and studied to be prosecutor, he gave up his dream in exchange for the love of life, No Eul who was fighting for her life after her accident, unfortunately caused by Shin Joon Young. Shin Joon Young has 3 months to live and where will fate lead them?

We all know Kim Woo Bin is a powerhouse when it comes to acting. There’s no fun in guessing and thinking. Watch his every drama and movies, it only gets better and his acting skills seem to wow us all without fail.

Well, thanks heaven he has good visuals to woo us and keeps our eyes peel to the screen, but he also a looker.

That smile.


That poise.



Should I go on?

He is no longer the upcoming star, Kim Woo Bin, in my humble opinion has arrived.

He is no longer the second lead guy who always fails to get girls, this time around though he definitely will get his heart delivered to the girl he likes. Perhaps, Kim Woo Bin has learned much from Choi Young Do not to push girl he likes into the pool, terrorised them to no end, threatened them and arm twist them into eating with him.

Come on, Kim Woo Bin, we are rooting for you and your new drama. But, before we end, let’s revisit his beautiful puppy face when he falls in love with the girl of his dream.




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