Halfway Mark Recap

I am starting my own Hermit Kingdom!

There I say it.

If you haven’t notice, 2016 is a busy year for Korean dramas and Korean dramas addicts. How can one not?

My life was momentarily hijacked by the dramas and korean language lessons. There are just so many dramas to be caught and the supplies are never ending. I always told myself once this one ended, I am going to go live life like a normal human being but another ensued and they are usually too good to be missed. So, here’s where my 2016 has gone.

2016 started off strong with Cheese in Trap. And, that is just the tip of the icebergs. And, many many dramas later, I want to list out 5 dramas that you must catch from Jan – July 2016.

#5 Cheese In The Trap

Starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun. This is an adaption from a popular webtoon off the same name.

Long story short

Park Hae Jin played Yoo Jung, the rich  but cold and mysterious chaebol. Overtly, he tried to get along well with everybody and played the nice guys amongst the Sunbaes. Kim Go Eun played Hong Seol, a girl from entirely different background. She’s book smart and she spent her time juggling different part-time jobs and school. She didn’t participate in anything else but committed her whole life to part-time jobs and school. She took a year break after a run-in with Yoo Jung.

Year 2 began with just as much drama as the previous year. Hong Seol struggled to fit in and tried very hard to stay clear of Yoo Jung and the Sunbaes. One could only try sometimes, the rest is beyond the control of humanity, the hands of fate has its own agenda for Yoo Jung and Hong Seol.

Hong Seol saw a piqued interest in Yoo Jung and saw herself walking into a relationship with him.

#4 Goodbye Mr Black

Long story short

The sexy Lee Jin Wook plays Mr Black, a guy who lost everything to his best friend. His identity, his family, the love of his life! EVERYTHING!

Mr Black came back from his death to avenge his family and to reinstate his identity as the sole heir to Cha Corporation started by his father. His best friend whom he grew up with, whom his father treated like his own son turned around and bit the hands that fed him. Min Sun Jae in cahoots with Baek Eun Do siphoned the corporation and Mr Cha Senior’s hard earned money and got away with it until of course, Mr Black’s return.

Like all melodrama, the main character has to have some form of illness while fighting for justice. And, to add drama to the already quite dramatic plot, Mr Black meet Black Swan and fall in love. And, of course, she became the very reason why he wants to live so badly and be someone she would be proud off.

While writing this, I just realised, I have not done a review on Mr Black. Will do so soon *fingers crossed*.

#3 Come Back, Ahjussi

Long story short

Disclaimer: Anything with Rain in it is gold. And, I am not even kidding.

Rain played the dead Kim Young Soo returning to earth in the hot bod of Lee Hae Joon, the half brother of Cha Jaek Kook. Kim Young Soo was a dedicated employer of a giant department storee. He died prematurely when he tried to right the banner and in the process fell to his death. Rumours had it that he killed himself. His wife, the beautiful Shin Dah Hye was devastated.

Kim Young Soo’s afterlife was much much more exciting than his life before death. He came back to earth with Han Gi Tak in the sexy body of Han Hong Nan. And, both are not supposed to divulge their real identity to the people around, otherwise they will risk deportation to hell.

At first, both couldn’t understand why they had to come back together. As the conspiracy is uncovered, they came to realised that Shin Dah Hye is the sister of Han Gi Tak who were separated when their parents passed away and she was adopted to another family. Shin Dah Hye on the other hand had no collections of this at all.

In the process of avenging their deaths, they also uncovered many many heartfelt truths about their prior lives and how they had been living their lives.

#2 The Beautiful Gong Shim

Long story short

This is one drama with explosion of feelings.

It was so entertaining because it’s so silly and funny with many slapsticks comedy but at the same time it’s also so so heartwarming.

I am not a fan of Nam Gung Min, in fact I haven’t actually watched anything with him as lead. But ohhh I love him so much in this drama. In this silly drama, he played the silly lawyer, Ahn Dan Tae. He was a low key lawyer, picked up food from the ground and puts his in mouth without any slight of hesitation. His reason, as long as it’s within 3 secs, it should be safe to be eaten.

He doesn’t look anything like a lawyer, there is nothing pompous about him. He walks around in slippers, his behaviour is unrefined and he ate his life out of the convenient stores below his rooftop room.

He met Gong Shim in a twist of fate. He’s silliness matched Gong Shim’s clumsiness so beautifully that I can’t help but ship these two like no tomorrow. These two were so cute together. Gong Shim was most herself when she was with Anh Dan Tae.

But, in all fairytales, surely there’s a villain to be fought. And, this is no exception.

Ahn Dan Tae came to know that he’s actually Joon Pyo, the boy that went missing and he found out the real culprit behind this and had him arrested and in the process restored his life and identity.

I love this drama to bits.

#1 Lucky Romance

Long story short

My favourite drama of the lot!

Another romcom but this one is so refreshing to watch, as refresh as the smell of summer in full swing.

Je Soo Hoo, the genius of the tech company, Zeze Factory, made his fortune through gaming platforms. Je Soo Hoo is an uptight person, he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat and he of course comes with some psychological problems. All the k-drama chaebols have this one way or another.

Je Soo Hoo was cleverly portrayed by Ryoo Joon Yeol. Yes, he is the man behind Reply 1988. Je Soo Hoo had his heartbroken and turned cold and decided never to let anyone into his private space. His best friend is another silly sajangnim, Ryang Ha. Both of them were so cute together, the banters and silly exchanges make me laugh out loud with them. Such nice pair of slapsticks.

Je Soo Hoo’s life changed when he got a proposition to spend the night together by Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum). Unbeknownst to Je Soo Hoo that Bo Nui is doing this out of her desperate attempt to get her sister Bo Ra saved. Bo Ra was involved in a car accident and has been in coma since. And, Bo Nui was a superstitious person and she believed that she will live her life with a black cloud following her everywhere she goes. She blamed herself for Bo Ra’s accident. Her life resolves around the superstitions that the fortune teller told her and that was what guiding her paths.

Bo Nui was told she has to spend a night with a man with a tiger zodiac and through that her sister, Bo Ra will be saved. And for that, Bo Nui set out on her mission to find tiger. When Bo Nui learned that Je Soo Hoo is in fact the man she was looking for, she mad the proposition.


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