[Drama of the Week] Mask

Choi Min Woo, a dashing young man with mental health issues. He was the son of a mistress, moved in to stay with father after his mother died of drowning. His phobia for water starts ever since then.


Compulsive obsessive disorder – checked!

Handsome – checked!


Prickly – checked!

Weird – checked!

150611.가면 제6회 「가족, 그 가슴 아픈 기억」.H264.AAC.720p-CineBus.mp4_20150612_140541.739.jpg

Cold – checked!

Difficult – checked!


He has never loved anyone before and he was eager to please his father and to take over the rein of the company. In order to extend his company influence, his father wants him to marry Seo Eun Ha.  Turned out, Seo Eun Ha is in love with Min Suk Koon and these two have been plotting ways to syphon the company for themselves. Min Suk Koon was married to Choi Mi Yeon. Choi Mi Yeon is a story for another day. I have many things to say about this actress. In all her glory and beauty, she should move on from such roles and surprised us with some other roles that she can pull equally well other than playing a wench or a vixen. It’s trying to watch after awhile. Her pathetic emotional needs and insecurity make me cringe so bad that I had to fast forward all her scenes.


In the midst of this grand plan, Seo Eun Ha die also due to drowning. For the longest time, Choi Min Woo was the main suspect. After Seo Eun Ha died, Suk Koon found out an uncanny doppelgänger in Byun Ji Sook. Byun Ji Sook was approached and arm twist into the plot and things started to go downward spiral from there. Unbeknownst everyone else, Byun Ji Sook resumed the identity of Seo Eun Ha.

Choi Min Woo and Byun Ji Sook got married. And, through this chaos, we see both of them grow. Choi Min Woo who was once the most eccentric and self centred man known to humanity started to soften and started to extend his emotions to Byun Ji Sook, he started to take interest in her and started to care for her.



Watching Choi Min Woo acting all silly and shy is rather a treat. I could endure just so I could see more of these two.


I love Min Woo’s secretary, Chang Soo.

I love how he banters with Chang Soo over money where Chang Soo sulkily chided him for being a poor rich man and he thought Min Woo has endless stream of money in his account. AHAHA that expression on Min Woo’s face where he actually contemplated selling his watch if Chang Soo refused to loan him any money. But, Chang Soo is such a sweet heart, he emptied out his savings just for his erratic and eccentric boss. #employeegoal


I heart this bromance much. I didn’t know that Ju Ji Hoon is capable of silly characters!

Byun Ji Sook is like a lost chick, so rough around the edges, growing up without much and her background doesn’t help put her on the same level as the rest of the silver spooned children. To reconcile her quirks, Min Suk Koon concocted a  tale about her amnesia as a result of trauma. She was hanging and living by the thread and mercy throw out to her by Min Suk Koon. I have to admit that I hate Byun Ji Sook, her helplessness and weakness do not endear her to me, instead I saw someone who’s so powerless to live. I hate such character and I hate how the K-drama likes to portray women in a certain stereotype. It’s a man’s world….I know that but that doesn’t mean I accept such world as normal and live.

To my delight, Byun Ji Sook finally rise up to the occasion, started resuming Seo Eun Ha’s character really well. She started reading through her journals, studies her thoughts, backgrounds. She now passes off as Seo Eun Ha; no one would look at her twice and say otherwise. She understood then this is her ticket out of the clutch of Min Suk Koon.


She knew she had to wear this mask.

She knew this mask would save her or destroy her.



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