[Oppa of the Month] Goblin and The Grim Reaper

If you haven’t heard nor seen these two sillies, drop whatever you are doing now and go watch it. Go! I won’t hold a revenge against you. I am feeling generous and this generosity shall be extended to you earthlings today.

These two sillies heat up the small screen this year with their impeccable acting and chemistry.


They are so natural in their scenes, one can’t help but think that these two must have lived with each other all their lives to complement each other so well. Gah! I am shipping these two sillies.

If you still hadn’t any clue who these two sillies are, shake my head, but fret not, lemme introduce you to them, like I said I am feeling generous. Must be the cold weather. Cheers to subzero weather, I feel so alive in it.


Yes, these two ahjussis.



When I am deciding who to feature in the first edition of Oppa of the Month in 2017, I am torn between these two. Who should go first. In the end, an AHA moment befallen me and I decided, why not, these two are featured as the first oppa of the month 2017, January edition. I know I am brilliant like that. So here you go!

Lee Dong Wook is aptly described as pale skin, crimsoned mouth and handsome. I wouldn’t deny that he is handsome, but he never struck me as overly handsome. Though I have watched some of his works, none left me with very deep impression, until Goblin.



Kim Eun Sook did a good job in casting Lee Dong Wook as the grim reaper. He fits the role so well.


Who wouldn’t love the friendly and silly grim reaper, right?


Granted, he doesn’t have any memories of his past and didn’t know how to hook up with a beautiful girl he meant that left him depressed simply because he doesn’t have a name, name card or religion. HA!


But, we could definitely forgive your lack since you are cute!

Now move along Mr Grim Reaper.

To Mr Goblin, we love so much.

I am so excited to see Gong Yoo returned to the small screen after so many years. While he’s made famous by Coffee Prince, he’s now the immortal Goblin who could make the rain rain, gold bars as punishments or bring his date to Canada sans air travel. Why bother with airport queues when you can time travel. How romantic is that.


The beautiful Gong Yoo has the chill vibes to his demeanour. He was often portrayed as the tough guy, the hero, the fighting sort, but really he’s really just a chill and netflix kinda guy. “Typical to a point of boring” to quote him describing himself in Elle Magazine interview in 2016.


While Lee Dong Wook has a pale skin and crimson mouth as his defining feature, our Goblin ahjussi is famous for his body and legs. He apparently has one of the beautiful body in Korea.


His legs!


It is no secret that he has one of the shapeliest legs in Korea.

Kim Eun Sook did a good job in convincing Gong Yoo to participate in this drama. I hope to see more Gong Yoo in small screen.


God must be smiling when he created these two and think to himself, all is good!

Thank you heaven for giving us these two oppas to love.





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