[Movie of the Week] The Suspect

Now, Matt Damon move over! Make way for Gong Yoo, our very own Matt Damon.

The Suspect as the name suggests is an action movie….but not any ordinary action movie….a fast paced action movie. There’s many fighting scenes, killing, gores (move along if you have weak stomach) and nervewrecking scenes that kept my eyes glued to the screen to screen and my butt at the edge of the seat throughout the 2 hours.


With or without Goblin, I am already a fan of Gong Yoo.

In The Suspect, Gong Yoo plays Ji Dong Chul, a North Korean defector and spy. He defected to the South with a mission to kill Lee Gwang Jo whom he believed killed his entire family. He became quite a recluse and moved stealthily to keep himself under the radar. When Chairman Park was assassinated, Dong Chul became the prime suspect. Unbeknownst to him, the person closest to Chairman Park was the very man behind this conspiracy and intent in setting him up for a murder he did not commit.


He was on the run again.

He was chasing someone…but he was chased in return.

The Colonel is hot on his tail. Finding every mean possible to haul him in. He was convinced that Dong Chul is guilty and needed to be eradicated from the society.

Colonel had brief brush with Dong Chul in Hong Kong and Colonel was almost killed at the hand of Dong Chul. Only Dong Chul decided to let him live after seeing his family picture in his wallet.


If Gong Yoo doesn’t plan Ji Dong Chul, I don’t know who else should take the reign. Gong Yoo and Ji Dong Chul is basically in one. Gong Yoo’s physiques are no joke, filming took 9 months and he must have trained as hard as he could throughout the 9 months. Just look how ripped he is as Ji Dong Chul. Look at his body and tell me how much training he must have had to go through. If this is not dedication, I don’t know what is!

Ji Dong Chul had suffered so much psychological warfare and torture, that at some scenes, he appeared rather disinhibited. Sometimes, he appeared rather delirious and other times, he was just afraid of his own past and shadow.

Living with only one mission, that is to kill the man that took his family.

He puts up with the dogma of living in the South, working as a part-time driver, if this is the means to an end for him.

This is Gong Yoo’s first action movie. And, I think he’s the natural talent for it. His action scenes were nicely choreographed. Every scene very intentionally made into perfection. By watching the scenes, you know Gong Yoo works hard to get it to where it is today so that both you and I can cruise through the entire movie.




Gong Yoo is definitely no ordinary actor. He’s careful in choosing his project. And he delivers. I was never disappointed by Gong Yoo before. It is indeed every moment I spent watching his projects, he shines.

The first thing that struck me when the movie opens was the uncanny resemblance to the Bourne series. I am a huge fan of Bourne series and never missed any of it. I am not a fan of Korean movies but I am impressed with this one. For an Asian standard, I seriously think this is the future of Asian cinema.



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