[Movie of the Week] Life Risking Romance

I have been waiting for this movie for awhile.

I am curious to know how this would pan out.



So, you have the American FBI agent in your midst, your childhood friend who secretly carrying a torch for you and you, the writer wannabe.

One fine day, you walked into a crime scene, so what you do? Of course, you call the police. Right! Any sensible person with intact intellect will do that.


You are Je-In (Ha Ji Won), the wannabe writer, or rather was once a writer, wrote an impressive book, was a bestseller but have since had the stardust faded and removed from you. Now, you are a writer basked in the glory past and desperate for another big break. While you may have written an impressive book on Psychology of Crime, it does not make you an expert overnight. But, you have faith, or should I say confidence, albeit a misplaced one in yourself.



You are also a responsible citizen.

You have no qualms reporting a crime when you snooped one regardless of its severity.

In your quest to write your next big thing, you have to be involved in all the happenings in your neighbourhood, right under your own nose. Nothing’s gonna missed your gaze.

And, of course, in order to snoop around, you need a sidekick. And, he happens to be your childhood friend and by the way, he also happened to be a policeman in the neighbourhood you are living in. So, all things work well for those who have faith.



Not only that, you have a secret weapon.

Je In has the tendency to release gag producing gas and apparently it could be smelled about 5m away. And, yes, it’s power is unquestionable and it immediately put any police weapon to shame.

And in the course of your snooping, you chanced upon the American FBI agent incarnated in the flesh of this hot Asian body. He has the cheekiest smile, sexy mole and sure articulate. As a writer, you are instantaneously drawn to someone who embodies all things articulate, intellectual and smart. And, you found it in this man.

However, this man is no ordinary agent.

Je In soon finds out that he is also smooth and sexy! He listens to you intensely with the penetrating eyes. He argued his points well, he compels you with his spell. You can’t take your eyes of him.


Only, you started to develop this suspicion that he’s too good to be true. Everything about him is surreal. Too dreamy to be true. He cannot be human.

Is he a god sent forth to you because he finally decided that you are ready to embark on the new chapter in your life?

The Who’s Who?

Jason (Chen Bo Lin) is so marvelous in this role. He got me curious when he was cast as the main lead in the Life Risking Romance. I waited patiently for the first korean word to roll off his mouth. Only to my surprise, he didn’t throughout the show. Instead, his lines were all in English. And, he seems to be comfortable with English. He didn’t distant and awkward with the language. I was impressed.


On the other hand, Ha Ji Won seems awkward and unnatural when she speaks English. Her lines were so deliberate that it is painful to watch. And, her character here reminds me of her character in the drama “The Time When We Are Not In Love”. Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to bash her. I am a fan of Ha Ji Won. If there’s Ha Ji Won, surely this movie is gonna be big. I mean seriously big. Nothing ever gone wrong with Ha Ji Won around.

Rok Kwan (Chun Jung Myung) is Je In’s childhood friend, the friend that will risk his life and his career just so that he could pacify your curiosity. Putting everything he has on the line. And, almost lost his life when he was set up for the strings of murder that happened in their once peaceful neighbourhood. I don’t feel Chun Jung Myung here. After watching him on Heart to Heart and Reset, this is not his best project. Chun Jung Myung is not very farsighted when it comes to choosing project. He seems rather random in the projects that he selected so far. While it is good to try different roles, but these different roles didn’t help him in developing his repertoire as an actor.


My thought

I give this movie a 3/5.

It is not a bad movie to watch, but it’s not overly nice too. The storyline appears rather abrupt and choppy. While the twist came rather late, it is welcomed.

The actors in the movie seem to lack chemistry with each other. Their characters did not gel into the storyline well. It feels like the writer haphazardly put this together while s/he was taking a dump and needed something as distraction.

And this is precisely the kinda movie to watch on days that you didn’t want to use your brain. You could just sit in there passively and let the plot and storyline whoosh past you. But at the end of the day, you would ask yourself, “what did I just watch?”. It definitely doesn’t watch $10 for this movie. And, I definitely wouldn’t run to the nearest cinema for the premier like I would Train to Busan.

This is definitely not a box office material.



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