[Oppa of the Month] Ji Sung

February is here!

With the V-day around the corner, what better way to celebrate that special day with a special feature of a romantic oppa.

This time though, Ji Sung Oppa will take the reign.


If you haven’t heard of Ji Sung Oppa, you must be living under the rock in the cave somewhere where civilisation doesn’t exist. Hence, for your sake and it is my utmost honour to be the one to bring you this glad tiding.

Ji Sung is a veteran in K-entertainment.

He has countless roles in dramas and movies combined. While his earlier works did not propelled him to stardom, his recent works had.

I vividly remember Ji Sung oppa in Protect Your Boss, this obnoxious chaebol who couldn’t work with anyone, somewhat a recluse and tried with all his might to get rid of the secretary hired to “aid” him. And, you guessed it, he felt in love with her. These two were quite a riot and I can’t help but amazed at Ji Sung Oppa’s acting. So natural and simple, yet so impactful.


Subsequent to that, Secret Love where he played the pained chaebol who lost his girlfriend in automobile accident. And, fell in love with Kang Yoo Jung who became the scapegoat, decided to do her prosecutor boyfriend a service by sacrificing herself.


Perhaps the most memorable role Ji Sung Oppa had played is Kill Me Heal Me. I am pretty darn sure that you have seen this part even if you didn’t watch the entire drama.

This role was previously offered to Hyun Bin. Ain’t we glad that he didn’t take this up? I wondered where will this be without Ji Sung Oppa.

I think Kill Me Heal Me is the most challenging role that Ji Sung Oppa had ever attempted. One drama 6 different characters. Ji Sung Oppa had to play the role of the man with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) after a brutal and harsh childhood trauma. While I am a fan of Hyun Bin and had no qualms declaring he’s a good actor, but I am rather hesitant to conclude he could pull of this role like Ji Sung Oppa could. I can’t imagine Hyun Bin as Yona.




Ji Sung Oppa definitely rock that manliner look. I know, this may be so yesterday, but hey, Ji Sung Oppa is ever green. Who’s with me on this?



Oh stahhhp already Oppa. You are gonna kill us all with your charm.

Ji Sung Oppa is currently helming the latest monday-tuesday drama, Defendant.

I must say that he looks pretty darn good in those suits and that those eyes.


Go watch Defendant if you haven’t already.

P/S And tell us what you think of this drama. I have my speculations but I would like to hear yours.



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