[First Impressions] Chief Kim

Have you seen Chief Kim yet?


Have you?

Have you?

Ohh, please say you have.

Since Beautiful Gong Shim, there’s no return for Nam Goongmin!

I swear, he is so darn funny that I can’t focus on the plot without having to take to a few mins break to admire the joke and laugh out loud.


It is gold and I can definitely play his parts over and over again and laugh at it.

In the recent episodes where he was asked to sit at the waiting room got me laugh so hard I thought I was going to combust. HAHAHAHA!

Did you see how he torment the management people who tried to make him quit?

Did you see how he took his punishment in his stride and make a laugh out of it?

This is life lesson people. We should all learn from Chief Kim and take even the worst scenarios in our life in our stride, with head held high.

I never used to like Nam Goongmin, no offense oppa. It’s just that he was so stricken with villainous roles that I couldn’t really see his real and raw acting skills.



Now that he is expanding his repertoire, I am glad. This is the right thing he has done.


I am definitely digging Director Seo too. Junho definitely should quit 2PM, and be a full time actor. He’s definitely got some groove going there. His acting is quite something considering his age. His facial expressions, his ability to bring to life the character he’s playing is definitely something to be reckoned.



You have missed all the fun, here’s a trailer for your laughs.

NOW! go watch now!



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