[Drama of the Week] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Finally! Finally!

I am back for the long hiatus!

Work has hijacked my life, hardly had time for anything these days. But, first, korean drama.

How long it’s been since I really watch a good drama and can’t wait to pen it down here. I always always love the autumn-winter dramas. It’s always on the uptake with beautiful white snowy scenes, thick jackets and super nice aura put together. So transiting to spring-summer, korean dramas almost always failed to make me feel real excited. Must be something related to the heat. Coming from the tropics, anything hot-summery-humid is abhorred. And, I mean it.

I digress.





I have so much thoughts in my brain and all fighting for airtime. So, I may be rather incoherent here. Pardon my gibberish.

So back to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, it’s one of the nicest dramas I have seen this year, and I am pretty sure, this would be the last winter drama of 2017. Till the next winter, I am certain, there’s not many nice to keep up to after.


Do Bong Soon is a small petite girl with super strength. She could topple anytime, human, buildings, concrete tractor, anything.

She saved CEO Anh when he was almost killed in a bus ride. Always certain that he would meet his saviour, he harboured the dream that someday this special someone would turn up. And turn up she did, but was unrecognisable to CEO Anh.


Mesmerised by her super strength, he decided to hire her as his bodyguard. And, this is the beginning of no return.

Do Bong Soon carried a torch for Gook Doo since they were in high school. Gook Doo with his strait-laced strict and rather wooden personality didn’t know she liked him. He likes her too but found out about his feelings too late. He would go out of his way to protect her, when the feelings got intensified, he blamed it on their friendship, how their parents are friends and how they were friends since they were kids. Gook Doo has a girlfriend whom he hardly has time for. He has other more important things to do; i.e.; protecting their neighbourhood from a masked psycho-napper.


When Gook Doo finally comes to his sense and willing to confront his feelings, it was all too late. Bong Bong has moved on to a blossom and sweet relationship with Anh Min Hyuk.


These two are so cute that they are going to give you diabetes.

This drama has all the right plot and eccletic mix of emotions. It does help the ratings with the nice injection of slapstick comedy. Not over bearing but sufficient to soften the otherwise heavy and dreadful plot.

This drama brings out so much raw emotions of fear, rejection and missed opportunities. It reminds us life is short and stop hesitating, go do it if you truly believe it is for you. Go seize it. Go big or go home!

What a wisdom!



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