The Land of The Rising Sun

Japan came and Japan went!

2 weeks of Japan ended with much pomps.

You wouldn’t believe it until you see with your own eyeballs what Japan truly is. One could only read and live vicariously through the many pictures of Japan on Instagrams and other platforms of social media or blogs. But, to behold Japan in person is really quite an experience. A breathtaking one at that.

I was blown away by:

#1 How clean Japan streets are

I was intrigued by how clean the streets are. I don’t see any bins on the streets as I was half expected to see an overflowing bins filled with banana peels, half-eaten food wrappers, drink bottles and the sort. But, no! I don’t see any of that.

I was perplexed by how effortless clean Japan is.


My pessimistic brain then hummed inside my skull and it was trying to come up with any good and plausible excuses to this phenomenon. I was trying to justify that perhaps this is the main street, let’s try walking the back alleys. Then, maybe these alleys would be a less curated part of Japan, but boy, how wrong was I.

The level of hygiene was not compromised in any way. Back alley or not.

We need to learn from Japan a thing or two regarding waste disposals.

#2 How quiet Japan trains are

Now, this is nothing new. You may have read it on the news and blogs and whatnot the legendary quiet trains in Japan at all times. I was truly blown away. The train that I took was a peak morning rush train and despite its packed and everyone was wedged in between different commuters like sardine in a can too small to fit all its content, I hear no words from these commuters. Despite the rush, Japanese has a zen demeanour about them. They did not utter a word, but rather they would stand clinging on the handbar and guess what, read! Yes, they friggin read.

The train ride was so quiet and I find it utterly disturbing that I could hear my own breathing.

#3 How good looking the Japanese men are

This is not news new either. While the media these days focused alot on Japanese’s counterpart, the Korean Oppas, I must say Japanese men are so very good looking. The have a very distinct features. With dark/black hairs, tanned, sharp features and of course the sexy beard to boot. No, none of them that I came across during my time there look anything like a hobo. In fact, they looked like they came out from a magazine spread. Unlike the Koreans who paid a lot of attention to their fashion and day-to-day getups, the Japanese on the other hand, have this air of nonchalance about them.

It is as if they loathed being this good looking that it disturbs the rest of the dwellers prowling the earth as they are.

#4 How yummeh the foods were

Japanese people are known for their delicate cuisines. No one goes Japan, returned and lodged a complaint against Japanese for their awful foods. No, no one will say no to Japanese food. It is so yummeh that I think I could die happy eating it everyday.


#5 How advance Japanese technologies are

Japan is the biggest DIY nation I have ever came across.

Everything could be purchased via machine with minimal inconvenience and human interactions.

Japanese people have created technologies that revolved around the needs of its people.

Have you heard of the small dining cubicle, unlike Korea where eating alone is still a phenomenon that has not caught up well amongst singles in Korea, Japanese people saw the needs of the rising singlehood and saw the opportunity to make these single diners comfortable. They created cubicle big enough to accommodate your need as a diner and at the same protect your privacy. You can still enjoy the ambience of the place and eat the good to satiate your cravings.


I find this thoughtful.

It definitely helps socially awkward people having a slice of social life the way they crave it and they way they like it.

The best part is you are served your food and you don’t have to even look at the person in the eye and make shallow conversations/small talks.



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