The Many Faces of Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung Jyun is the hottest thing in town. This is a PSA in case you didn’t receive any notice about this. Kim Jung Hyun’s Mr Queen is doing so well in the weekend rating that I am wondering if it will go neck-to-neck with CLOY. One can dream big aye!

Kim Jung Hyun was the chillest in this drama and he looks like he is having so much fun. And for once, he is not dying! Well…he jumped off the cliff and I went “no….please don’t die again!”.

I really think Kim Jung Hyun genuinely is having fun on set and his ad-lib abilities are amazing! I think this is the drama that he was so unguarded that his actions and words just spontaneously flow out of him. It’s like he is the Cheoljung he is playing. Perhaps this is his true self.

I am quite intrigued by his acting method. His mastery of the expressions is amazing; his ability to emote even the most micro of expressions. I have been watching some of his momentous dramas and I really think he studied and prepared for his characters very well and each drama/character seems to be different. There’s a hallmark trait to the different characters.

#1 School 2017

He was the chaebol and son of the high school director. He played the mischievous devil may care character on the surface, but deep down we see another layer of emotions. The pain, the lonely and the abandoned child.

#2 Welcome to Waikiki

Here he plays the aspired filmmaker who is too poor to make a full length film and had to go to great length to make ends meet. He had to learn to entertain babies at their birthdays just so that he could capture the joyous moment with the chortle of the happy baby….not! Not only he struggles with it, he is so bad at it, babies cry at the sight of his face. It’s so hilarous…i cannot!

He was definitely cute and naive when he was trying to confess his love to Yoona the rapper hopeful! These two together is definitely a riot. He was also skillful at emoting different level of affection when he was in love with Min Soo Ah and when he was with Yoona! He seems so enamoured with Yoona that he turned into the wounded and jealous puppy so well.

It was also hilarious when he was playing oppa to Kang Seo Jin, his sister. The part where he terrorises Seo Jin and Joon Ki was so hilarious.

Waikiki definitely is the korean version of Friends. It’s funny, slapsticks and feels good.

#3 The Time

The darkest character he has ever played to this point. From the beginning through the end, it was just pain. And, it’s different levels of pain. The pain that was so paralysing and the loneliness of the dying man who’s wish to be loved once…even in the short time he had left.

Despite being in pain, he still continues to act strong so that he could be there for Ji Hyun really breaks me! There were practically very few episodes or scenes that I could watch with dry eyes. I feel the pain so raw it’s as if I am with the pain and that I am dying too.

What could have been a joyous moment became something so sombre!
the last few moment before he drown trying to save Ji Hyun

I cried the most at the scene where he drowned.

I stopped watching after that because the pain was just so raw. It’s too much even for a fictional character and story. It’s too much.


After he died, he came back as Alberto in Crash Landing on You where he played the con man. Smooth and glib tongued, he smuggled himself into North Korea to evade arrest. Have some few good life and then he would return to the south.

Unbeknownst to him, he would be falling in love with a niece of one of the high ranking officers, died trying to save her. I was aghast as he was again dying and again trying to save a woman he loved.

His appearance in CLOY was quite a stark departure from his broody character in the Time. Here he is definitely living the life albeit whatever life was in the highly surveillance country. He was definitely playing the bona fide bad boy here, rich with good looks and good tastes. Nothing seems to deter him.

Even then the most heartbreaking scene for was not the scene he died, but the scene when he was hunted, on the run and overcame with emotions reminiscing his childhood past.

Again, another well done transition of emotions!

#5 Mr Queen

This is the talk in town now.

Kim Jung Hyun has returned as the king of Joseon. Well…I guess it’s worth the death in North Korea then if you are reincarnated the King in your next life.

When the drama started in Epi 1 and 2, Cheoljung was depicted as a weak king, a womaniser and he is uninterested in the state’s affairs. He seems more preoccupied with the karmasutra!?

Well…we didn’t know then that he was actually planning a guerilla attack and siege! Not only was he not weak, he was also hilarious. His interaction with the queen is so lighthearted, comfortable and rich. He feels so comfortable with her that he could do his job well. He emotes so well here. The different layers of emotions, the silliness and his befuddled face when the queen regaled him with new vocabularies that for the life of him had never heard before.

the two different faces of the king

He started a dictionary to document all the queen’s vocabularies and the most notable of all is the “No touch” vocabulary. With little understanding of what it means, he just bulldozed his way into the queen’s affection and embrace. He was so cute when he was so in love with the queen that he chased the queen around the palace and it seems like all he could think of most of his waking hours are the queen.

the king at his finest

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